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The dynamic and handsome personality of the television industry, Lester Holt, a well-acclaimed name in the field of the small screen from his presence in top-level network like the NBC. He is a professional anchor for the show broadcasted from the channel called Today, NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC. Apart from being praised for his looks and appearance, he is well appreciated for his anchoring and the analyst of the news portals. He is occupied with the profession and indulges in other projects as well whenever he gets the opportunity. He is also an acclaimed musician and has been a multi-talented personality of the American television industry. Having been in the industry with a lot of experience he has been in a television journalism dealing as a professional news analyst and anchor of the famed news portal.


He stepped foot on this world in March 8 of 1959 in Marin County, California of the United States of America. A Christian in religion, he holds an American nationality. Coming from a family of Jamaican- English Indian decency, he had the early interest in being indulged in the field of media from his early age and it took off well as a career initiative. He attended Cordova High School based in Rancho Cordova and completed his high school graduation in the year 1977. He completed his graduation from California State University located in Sacramento of the United States and got a degree. Starting his career in the sector of media as a disc jockey, his interest in music rose and made him a musician but his willingness to be in the full time radio initiation made him ma news anchor as the network desired. This experience as a radio anchor of news on his early days as a student in college made his experience in the media grow and he had the confidence and energy to take it further as his career.


After the completion of his studies and the experience obtained from the radio station, he had to struggle to be in the profession as a reporter and a news anchor and got indulged in WCBS-TV of the CBS network from 1981. The network was located in New York City and he spent 19 years working for the network. In her entire working premonition in the network, he got to be a news anchor and a reporter for KNXT based in Los Angeles. He had been a professional anchor and a journalist reporting the news in the television and this led him to be the part of WBBM-TV situated in Chicago, working 14 years as an employee. His perfection in reporting of the news took him to the coverage of the news live from the place of the occurrence and had the opportunity to live newscast from places like Iraq, Northern Ireland, Haiti, Somalia, and  El Salvador. The hosting of the news from the place of hazardous news occurrences got highly appreciated and praised. He then was approached by MSNBC in August of 2005 and assured his working privilege with the network for full time in NBC News. After being associated with the network, he was granted with other news portals like Weekend Today, NBC Nightly News and NBC’s Dateline. For his outstanding reporting and presentation s a newscaster, he got acclaimed as anchor of the weekend in May 9 of 2007. He has been working for the reputed channel called The History Channel and presented a special report of the 9/11 conspiracy. Apa5t from it he has been linked with several other networks reporting about sports for NBC Sports covering Summer Olympics in 2008 and also performed as a narrator for Investigation Discovery in 2008 a documentation related with the science fictional illustration of the mythical crystal skulls. With so much of career in the network and the movies, he has gained commendable salary from every network he has been associated with during his career.


Lester Holt has also been featured in movies like The Fugitive, Primal Fear and the tele4vision series like Red, White Blue, Fate, and Cleveland and has appeared in Making Music Magazine. He has been appreciated and acclaimed with high-level awards and honors, which include Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in 1990 for 48 Hours: No Place Like Home and Honorary Doctorate from the University called Pepperdine in 2012 to name the few. He has been married to Carol and has been ble3sased by two sons from his wife. His family is also related with the field of media and his son Stefan does news anchoring for WMAQ-TV. With the age of 55, he has been a great performer and never has felt sick of his profession. His summarized biography can be found in wiki.