Leo Laporte

The handsome and bold personality of the television and a writer, author and an entrepreneur by profession, Leo Gordon Laporte is a name recognized by the world as a fascinating dazzler of the media and the literary world. He has been part of several of the sectors relating him with his multi- dimensional career objectives and has achieved a reputed fame from every part he has been linked with. The greatly experienced and highly qualified dignitary of his times, he has the bold and outspoken personality with scintillating presence that provokes and influences the audience of the small screen. He has been a sensational figure in the field of literature from his highly acclaimed books and his orientations in the broadcasting in radio and the television industry. Being fluent in several of the languages, he has studied Chinese and other languages.


He step foot on the world in November 29 of 1956 in New York City, New York of the United States of America and holds an American nationality. He was a student in Yale University, studying Chinese history and dropped out to change his initiative of career motivation to pursue it in media of broadcasting. He started his career from radio presentation with the names like Dave Allen and Dan Ayes. He owned his first computer in 1984 and had its operation relating with bulletin board from the year 1985 until 1988. His experience with the earliest of the computers related him with the technological field of the media and he was approached in projects of broadcasting in Dvorak on computers as a host alongside John C. Dvorak. He indulged himself in the broadcasting scenario by being linked with radio-oriented presentations like Laporte on Computers from KGO Radio station and was associated with KSFO station based in San Francisco. He then had the opportunity to make it big and appear in the small screen as a host in PBS network for the show Internet! In addition, was approached by CNBC for the hosting of the show called The Personal Computing Show. Apart from it he has been featured in MSNBC network with the show called The Site and has been famed by the prestigious Emmy Award. By working for the network he became the creator of a fictional motion character Dev Null.


After been recognized and rising into fame from his extra ordinary efforts of transition in the technological awareness he spread among the mass from his small screen interpretation, he was well appreciated and sought by several of the networks. He then joined ZDTV and co-operated the hosting of The Screen Savers and Call for Help in the year 1998. After being confronted with a dispute, he resigned from the network that related the ownership of the stocks and some financial provisions. He apart from his broadcasting talent has also been featured in the movie called Phoenix Rising, which was his acting debut on the big screen. He has been part of the television world in shows like The Lab with Leo Laporte from Vancouver of Canada. G4tech TV based in Canada and How to Channel in Australia premiered the series. The fame of Leo came across boundaries and soon after his worldwide approach, he cancelled the airing of show. He did the hosting of the radio show based with his expertise analysis in the technological orientation from the show called Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy. The show was aired by KFI AM 640 located in Los Angeles. He also has contributed by appearing in shows like Showbiz Tonight, Live with Kelly, World News Now and in KFI alongside Bill Handel. His salary is speculated to be around $350,000 per year and his net worth has been commendable.


His work as an author of the books that associated his writing skills with the Technological advancements made him a famed writer and a reputed author. Hs endeavors in the literary world include books as if 101 Computer Answers You Need to Know, Leo Laporte’s 2005 Gadget Guide, Leo Laporte’s Guide to Mac OS X Tiger and Leo Laporte’s PC Hel Desk. He also has a yearly column called Leo Laporte’s Technology Almanac and Poor Leo’s Computer Almanac. His most recent publication is Leo Laporte’s 2006 Technology Almanac.


Having been a famed and acclaimed writer, broadcaster and a hunk of the big and the small screen, she has been speculated to have affairs with several women. However, he married Jennifer Laporte and has two children from his wife. The relation did not last long and the couple divorced. More about him can be found in wiki.