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Lela Orr Project Runway Age, Who is Lela Orr Father? Need Her Family Details
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Lela Orr is a young, talented, gorgeous and equally successful entrepreneur and fashion designer from New York City, New York. The gorgeous lady is recently a press darling after she was announced as one of the participants on the 2019 season of the American TV show titled Project Runway.

Project Runway is returning to Bravo TV after it’s season five on the channel, which brings in together 16 successful entrepreneurs and designers who will showcase their professional dignity and their business integrity to the viewers of the show. Currently, in its 17th Season, Project Runway has aired on March 14, 2019.

As one of the fan favorites on the TV series, Lela Orr has already garnered a huge curiosity as her professional side unfolds on the TV show. Will the lady be able to claim the crown of the Project Runway, Season 17, only time will have the answer. But, as we impatiently wait for the next Project Runway winner after the Season 16 winner, Kentaro Kameyama, here are a few things we might want to know about Lela Orr.

Season 17 Project Runway Contestant Lela Orr’s Age

Lela Orr is 26 years of age at present. Despite at a young age, the lady has grown to become a local business icon with a vision for a distinctive design layout.

Blessed with a distinctive taste for fashion, the lady is equally blessed with a sound physique. With natural black hair and beautiful dark black eyes, the lady is equally beautiful as she is talented.

Born to parents to mixed ethnicity, Lela Orr stands at a decent height and has a balanced body weight, with sexy curves.

Who is Lela Orr’s Father? All on Her Family Details

The lovely Southern girl Lela Orr was born to parents, father Lex Orr, and mother Laurie Orr. She was raised like any normal daughter to working parents in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Though with an eye for fashion, Lela created her own identity, a name in the fashion world, besides her parent’s identity.

In general, any normal working parents wish for their children to get a better education and settle for a job with a decent income, the income which could finance a sound lifestyle and hopes their children doesn’t have to worry for a penny every day. However, Lela chose her own path and was determined to follow her passion.

The 26-year old Dallas, Texas-born always dreamed to thrive in the fashion world and with her distinctive taste in the fashion, her dreams seem just a few steps away from her. Would she win the Project Runway, Season 17, a long journey will really be worth it?

During her high school days, Orr was involved in a college soccer team, cheerleading, and debate circle, which would leave her with minimal time to focus on designing. At the age of 18, she landed a scholarship at Tulane University.

She then moved to New York City from Dallas to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and International Development Science.

At the age of 23, she joined The New School for Design’s Associate under Parsons on a partial scholarship. She earned a degree in fashion designing in 2015, and thereafter joined The Row as an intern.