Leah McCourt Partner: Is UFC Fighter Married Or Dating? Her Age And Wiki Bio

MMA fighter Leah McCourt's life as a single mother is no different than any other working mother. Explore her age, height, relationship status, daughter, and more in the article below.    

Leah McCourt from Northern Ireland is the first Irish female to ever headline an MMA promotions card and the first female to headline a Bellator Europe card.

Moreover, she is the 8th best Current Best Female Featherweight with statistics of 6-1-0.

Let's learn about her more in the paragraphs below. 

UFC: Who Is Leah McCourt?

Leah McCourt is a professional MMA fighter fighting out of Northern Ireland and affiliated with SBG Charlestown. 

Although she is ineligible for regional rankings due to her affiliation with an organization, she holds the 8th Current Best Female Featherweight.

In the ring, she goes by the name The Curse with a Pro MMA record of 6 wins and 1 loss among the 7 matches she has played.

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Leah McCourt Age In 2022

The Curse was born on 21 June 1992 in Northern Ireland. Although, the identity of her parents is in the dark. 

29-year-old Leah's life is as hectic as any other mother out there. She gets up at seven and usually runs the treadmill in her kitchen.

Mentioning herself as the queen of multi-tasking, she quoted "Isabella's still in bed, we get her up, get her to school, drive to Dublin, do a two-hour session, drive back up the road, pick her up from school, get her home, homework done, dinner and then go out again that night so it's pretty hectic."

Her daughter and her career is the only thing she is focusing on. 

Leah McCourt Height-How Tall Is She?

Leah peaks right at 5'8" (172.72 cm), accompanied by the weight of 145 lbs (65.77 kg)

The blonde beauty with a defined and elevated body looks even enchanting with light grey eyes. 

Leah McCourt Wikipedia

Leah McCourt is unavailable on Wikipedia. 

However, the information and details about the MMA fighter are just a click away on the Internet. 

Many reliable sports-based online sites, such as ESPN and, Tapology have given a brief history of her career. 

And, if that does not satisfy your need, one can explore her life via social media.  

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Meet Her Partner And Married Life Details

As mentioned above, Leah is a single mother to her daughter Isabella. She has no husband and is not dating anyone at the time.

She seems pretty busy with her career and her day-to-day activities, from getting her daughter ready for school to attending her parents-teachers meeting. 

Nonetheless, the fighter is just 29, and her whole life is ahead of her to get started with a new relationship.

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