Who Is Layla Lee-Curtis Tottie Goldsmith Daughter; Age Wikipedia & Family

Who Is Layla Lee-Curtis Tottie Goldsmith Daughter; Age Wikipedia & Family

Layla Lee-Curtis is the daughter of Australian actress and singer Tottie Goldsmith. Keep reading till the end to know more about Layla’s personal life. 

Tottie is an Australian singer and actress born on August 27, 1962. She is a 57-year-old woman.

There are a few celebrities in the Goldsmith family. Olivia Newton-John, her mother’s sister, is a famed singer-songwriter. Brett, her brother, is also a musician. Emerson, another brother, is a race car driver.

Tottie Goldsmith Daughter Layla Lee-Curtis Is Of Age 27-30 

Tottie Goldsmith was married to Steven Lee, a skier, and the couple had a daughter named Layla Lee-Curtis.

Her IMDb bio also indicates that she works in Hollywood’s script department.

Layla is a lovely young lady with blonde hair and brown eyes. Layla is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 65 kilograms.

Layla’s friends and family describe her as cheerful and humble, complimenting her lovely and amusing nature.

Goldsmith is the daughter of Brian Goldsmith, a Melbourne restaurateur and nightclub entrepreneur, and Rona Newton-John, a British-born actress.

Max Born, a German-Jewish physicist, and Nobel Prize laureate, was her great-grandfather and the father of her grandmother Irene.

Her aunt is Olivia Newton-John, her elder brother is bassist Brett Goldsmith, and her half-brother is racing driver Emerson Newton-John.

Goldsmith was formerly married to skier Steven Lee, but she became engaged to businessman James Mayo in January 2008.

Layla Lee-Curtis Parents Tottie Goldsmith And Steven Lee

Layla Lee-Curtis is the daughter of Tottie Goldsmith, an Australian actress and singer, and Steven Lee, a well-known Australian skier.

Layla is the granddaughter of Brian Goldsmith, a Melbourne restaurateur and nightclub owner, and Rona Newton-John, a British-born actress.

She is also Olivia Newton-granddaughter John’s and Brett Goldsmith’s niece.

Layla is a person who is socially unusual and is heavily active in the arts. Tottie Goldsmith, her mother, is a founding member of the pop band The Chantoozies.

Tottie, a long-time inhabitant of Melbourne’s St Kilda, relocated to northern New South Wales in 2018.

Meet Layla Lee-Curtis On Instagram

Layla Lee-Curtis does not have an Instagram account and is not active on social media. On topics about her family and relationship, she maintains her anonymity.

Layla keeps her celebrity daughter status out of her mind and concentrates on her profession. She stays away from any public attention.

Layla’s actual birthday has yet to be divulged to the general public and internet users. She was, however, born in the 1990s.

Layla is a meditator who also enjoys animals. She enjoys calming her mind through meditation and yoga and increasing her self-awareness.

Layla enjoys tap dancing because she wants to keep her body in shape. Her mother described her as a spirited bohemian with a 70s flair.

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