Who Is Laurie Ann Holding? Everything To Know About Michael Holding Wife

Who Is Laurie Ann Holding? Everything To Know About Michael Holding Wife

Laurie Ann Holding, a huge cricket fan, is the loving wife of former Jamaican cricketer Micheal Holding. 

Laurie-Ann Holding from Antigua is married to former West Indies cricketer Micheal Holding.

She is the event manager and she had been managing cricket events will her colleagues.

Moreover, she along with her business partner Rhonda Kelly runs an events and communications company called Kelly Holding Ltd. 

In an interview, Laurie has expressed how much she loves West Indies cricket. She seems to be a huge fan of cricket.

Michael Holding Wife: Is She Married?

Former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding’s wife is Laurie-Ann Holding.

She is the managing director of Kelly Holding Ltd. 

Moreover, she also organizes events for shows and games. 

Laurie-Ann Holding Age: How Old Is She?

Laurie-Ann Holding’s age is estimated to be between 30 and 35 years old.

On the 14th and 13th of March, she got birthday greetings from her heartfelt wishes.

However, we are unsure about her exact birth date and year.

Furthermore, she has said unequivocally that she is from the West Indies.

Laurie-Ann Holding Wikipedia And Instagram

 Let’s talk about Laurie-Ann Holding’s Wikipedia.

Laurie is most known as the wife of a well-known West Indian cricketer.

She is an avid cricket enthusiast who is originally from Antigua.

She is also an event organizer and a member of the Kelly Holding firm.

Laurie-Ann Holding is not on Instagram but on Twitter.

Laurie-Ann Holding Children And Family

In terms of Laurie-Ann Holding’s family and children, she has not disclosed any information about her family to the public.

She may have kept her personal life private.

Similarly, the event organizer does not currently have any children of her own.

Laurie-Ann Holding Net Worth And Instagram

Laurie-Ann Holding’s net worth has not yet been disclosed.

Her main source of income is the revenue she earns as a company’s managing director.

Furthermore, she has a joint net worth with her cricketer husband.

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