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Awarded Reporter of The Year by Associated Press in 1997, Kyra Philips is one of the best known anchors of CNN. Born on 8 August 1968, to professor parents, this lady is currently working for HLN, CNN’s sister channel hosting her own show.


Philips was born on San Diego, California but grew in Jacksonville, Illinois. She attended Helix High School in California and earned her Bachelor’s Degree through University of Southern California in Journalism. This lady started her career as a reporter for WLUK-TV in Wisconsin. She then moved to WDSU-TV in New Orleans during 1994. She also had worked for KAMC-TV in Texas and was a field-producer for CNN -Telemundo in Washington during late 1990s. She joined CNN in October 1999, as a reporter. During her fresh year at CNN, she was granted access to CAG 9 making her network’s first correspondent to gain access. She was trained for SWAT, sailors and other police weapons as the elite Navy air wing was preparing for war against Taliban in Afghanistan. She reported the strike fighters jets and overseas deadly wars from the cock pit in 2001. For her further comfort and safety, she was trained in Navy’s elite TOPGUN School for specialized aviation training. This woman reported  from Antarctica in 2002, revealing many rare species of Penguins and other scientific facts. Her tour of one month in the continent made her build and sleep in igloos and her viewers saw an adventurous Kyra rippling down the glacier. Her documentary on science and danger on Earth's most frigid continent made her one of the most courageous journalists.


Phillips was seen reporting from Iraq boarded on USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003 and also from ground after U.S. Military moved in. She is the first female reporter to fly in F-14 training combat over Persian Gulf. She is the one who reported exclusively on Naval Special Welfare, the Navy's Special Operation Command, USS Paul Hamilton revealing the inside functioning of Navy SEALS and Special Welfare Combatant Crewman training. This lady also exclusively covered Billy Graham's last revival in New York, Atlanta courthouse shooting, sexual assault in military academics, September 11 attack and CNN's election in partnership with Capitol Hill Reporter Lisa Desjardis. This fascinating anchor left CNN in 2012, though she has been appearing as a guest in late 2013. She currently works with HLN anchoring the show Raising America with Kyra Philips.


Kyra Philips was married to John Assad in 2000. She divorced her husband in 2008 citing some personal reasons and currently is engaged with Fox News anchor John Roberts. They got engaged in 2009 and have twins together. She delivered the twins in 2011. Much noted for her long and sexy legs, she is one of the fascinating women in American news industry. She had been headline for stepping in controversy during 2003. Her report and comment on a twelve year old Iraqi boy during Iraq named her insensitive person by many critics. She was also highly criticized for comments in 2006 France Labor Protest. Also bitched for her absent mind on the live show, her audience reprimanded sense of presence of hers, for not being able to sought query on the guest. Her mishap during President George W. Bush's speech is also memorable.


This woman has been honored with Associate Press Reporter of the Year award in 1997. She has also earned four Emmys and two Edward R. Murrow Awards for her investigative reporting. Honored with top documentary award from the Society of Professional Journalist, she was also awarded two Golden Microphones and other honors. Incredible on her way of reporting, this pretty journalist is very active user of twitter and enlisted under wiki.