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Ksenija Lukich and Husband Dan Bragg: Age, Wiki, Height, Net Worth
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Ksenija Lukich is an Aussie. So, she probably says ‘mate’ a lot and if you are a guy who has a really big crush on her, be prepared to get your heart broken because she has already been taken by somebody else and she will call you a ‘mate’ for sure.

Ksenija Lukich Husband – Dan Bragg

Ksenija Lukich has been married to Dan Bragg for a considerable time now. She recently celebrated 10th Anniversary with Dan Bragg and they look very happy with each other.

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Ksenija Lukich Age – 27 years

Ksenija Lukich is currently 27 years of age. She was born on 12 February 1990.

So, if you are capable of just simple mathematics, you can guess her age but I have already disclosed it above. So, Thanks to all you people who are pretty terrible in Math.

Ksenija Lukich Wiki

Ksenija Kukich according to her Wikipedia page is a model with Serbian and Australian model and she has extended her profession also to a TV producer.

She was born in Sydney and it must have been a nice place to grow up around those beaches, wind and increasing sea level due to global warming.

Oh! I am sorry my readers if you just questioned if I reminded you of the critical problem that concerns all humanity while you were busy reading a bio of a celebrity who has not even an idea of your existence, that is exactly what I intended to do. To shame all of you!

Getting back to Ksenija’s wiki information, her wiki page reveals that she got married to Dan Bragg on October 23, 2016, and apparently she chose to do it in a traditional orthodox Serbian tradition.

Ksenija Lukich Height

Ksenija Lukich stands impressively tall at 21 feet from the ground and 21 feet 6 centimeters when she wears pencil heels.

I am just kidding when I say that because the information about her height is not known to the world and you people who are wondering to know it…WHY? Just eat your supper and go to sleep because she is not revealing it and that’s just normal.

Ksenija Lukich Net Worth

The exact details of her net worth are not known to the media outlets but if I were to judge- a model of her stature must make enough to survive and you know what her family would say of her net worth? No matter how rich you are, Ksenija Lukich is worth more than you can afford.

Her net worth is unknown but you know what is available on the internet? Her zodiac sign. So, here’s a piece of information that might probably be useful in the quest of mankind to find knowledge about our existence- the zodiac sign of a model.

Brace yourselves because you just might die of over excitement because this is the sort of stuff everyone should care about. Ksenija’s birth sign is ‘Aquarius’. I hope none of you have died of excitement over this information and I will surely be happy if you are yawning. Hey there! a yawning soul….I am so happy people like you exist.