Kristina von Trapp: Everything To Know About Maria von Trapp Grand Daughter

Kristina von Trapp: Everything To Know About Maria von Trapp Grand Daughter

Kristina Von Trapp has maintained her family’s legacy even after ages of history. The Von Trapp family depicts the world war story in their unique way. Make sure to read the full article!!

Kristina Von Trapp is a member of the Von Trapp family and a producer. 

Kristina is a producer of a few musicals back in Austria. The family had fled from Austria to America during the second world war. Unlike most of the Von Trapp family members, Kristina has not established herself as a musician.

Name Kristina von Trapp
Age 50-60
Gender Female
Nationality American, Austrian
Parents Johannes Von Trapp
Siblings Sam Von Trapp
Married/Single Married
Education 2

Kristina Von Trapp Age

Kristina’s age is somewhere around 50-60 years old, judging by her looks.

Kristina also has a sibling brother Sam Von Trapp. She was born and raised in America.

Kristina Von Trapp is the daughter of Johannes Von Trapp and granddaughter of the infamous Maria Von Trapp.

Kristina Von Trapp Family

The Von Trapp family was a group of singers who were active until 1957. The group has received quite a notoriety.

The group toured America a way before they had to flee from the country. The Von Trapps were a possible victim of the Jewish Holocaust. Luckily, they left the country in time.

The family started gaining recognition because of the words and the emotions linked to them. The details about members of the group can be found on their Wikipedia page.

There were even two movies made depicting their story. ‘The Trapp Family’ in 1956 and ‘The Trapp Family in America’ in 1958. A Broadway musical, ‘The Sound of Music, ‘was also shown in the theatres. All the stories were based on the memoir ‘The Story of the Trapp Family Singers ‘.

The memoir was written by Kristina’s grandmother Maria Augusta Von Trapp. 

Kristina Von Trapp Instagram And Husband

Kristina Von Trapp is not on Instagram or any other social media platforms.

Kristina is married. However, she has not disclosed her husband’s name. The couple has two beautiful daughters together.