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KJ Balla (Rapper) Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Height, Real Name, Girlfriend, Wife
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KJ Balla (Rapper) Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Height, Real Name, Girlfriend, Wife. KJ Balla Birthday, Wikipedia, How Old, Tall, Married, Bio Read Also:-

Bobby Shmurda’s imprisonment silenced rap-heated Brooklyn. However, the recent rising of stars like KJ Balla dictates the different pictures.

KJ Balla is an American Rapper and a songwriter. He came into the spotlight after his recent hit “Cookin’ Up’.

Beforehand, the young and upcoming rapper has collaborated with multiple rappers from Brooklyn. For instance, Jay Gwuapo was one of those popular rappers.

According to, KJ Balla is considered one of the blood rappers from New York. So, let’s dig deeper into the personal and professional life of the exciting rap prospect.

Here’s all the fact you need to know about his age, net worth, Instagram, height, girlfriend, and more.

KJ Balla, 21 years old Rapper from Brooklyn – his age

As stated earlier, KJ Balla is one of the up and coming rappers. In fact, the argument can be supported through his age and achievements.

Born some time of the year in 1998, Balla is 21 as of 2019. Despite the tenderness in the number of his age, he has already made a name for himself.

The 21-year old came into the scene through his SoundCloud account and String of songs. Moreover, his Youtube videos have supported a lot to boost up his career.

How much is his net worth in 2019?

Unfortunately, there are no sources to claim the fact on his net worth yet. However, his net worth is under review for 2019.

The amount must not be shy of $300 thousand considering all the achievements and success he has tasted.

Kj Balla with over 20k followers- his Instagram

Like all the emerging rap talents, KJ Balla has also made himself available on social media platforms. For instance, his Instagram account holds a whopping 20.8k followers.

Going by the name Oluwa KJ Balla seems like he has recently signed up his handle. He also mentions his previous handle being hacked.

Since there are very few pictures, we assume that happened. Nonetheless, he has accumulated an established fan base for himself.

How tall is his height?

Unfortunately, there are no public details regarding his height and body measurements. Although, he does have a decent height.

Judging through his pictures, he must be around 5 feet and 10 inches tall. In fact, the number is a decent one for someone with reasonable weight.

KJ Balla real name

Just like most of his personal matters, he likes to keep the tiny details of his life under the wrap. The list even includes his real name.

That’s considerable because the rap world doesn’t much focus the real name anyway. As a matter of fact, the famous rappers over the years all come into the spotlight with their stage name.

Therefore, as of now, his real name is publicly unknown.

Look into his girlfriend and wife

When it comes to personal life and relationships, KJ Balla is like an undercover agent. He is someone who merely shares about his love life.

On top of that, he is a 21-year-old rapper trying to break into the real world. So, there’s no doubt he likes to keep his romantic life out of the spotlight.

Although judging through his silence, we assume he is single as of 2019.