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A beautiful face and a high rated charisma is not the only thing that defines this gorgeously flamboyant American actress, Kirsten Vangsness. Her inquisitive character and outgoing personality has kept her in the limelight with huge appreciation and fan followings. She is well known for her character portrayal of FBI agent in the televised series Criminal Minds for the CBS network. She plays the reluctant and diverse Penelope Garcia in the show. Her deviant characterization and the way that she plays off the severe and agonizing characters for the screen is highly professional and influential. The well-built body structure is a mere perception that does not categorize the actress but makes her stand tall and fat in her own presence of the fame.


She felt the first verse of her life in July 7 of 1972 at Pasadena of California in the United States of America. She was born to Errol Leroy Vangsness and Barbara Mary with her parents relating to the Norwegian ancestry. She spent most of her time in Porterville of California spending her childhood. She attended Cerritos High School back in 1990 and even was a student of Cypress College but got her graduation completed from California State University based in Fullerto. Being very much of a lover towards the art of acting and presentation, she was a borne actor. She had the flawless ability to show off her talented skills from her early age and it came natural to her.


Her concentration to the field of cinemas and acting took her to a different level of career appraisal. She began her acting career from theatres as many of the well talented actors do. Her skills were seemingly appreciated and praised from the beginning of her initial days as a theater actor and she got many awards accolades for her work. She was presented Best Actress Award, Best Emerging Comic Actress Award from the Los Angeles Drama Critics and the famous Golden Betty Award. Her career took a booming step in turn of events as she got acclaimed, honored and well famed in her status from being a girl with weight issues, still making it huge and commendable at a very short time phrase. Apart from being successful actor, she also devours her time in writing and much of her writing credentials have been brought to the publication from the Los Angeles Times Magazine.


After her term in the theatres, it was making her a sensation and yet there came opportunities to show her skills in a big picture. She did not lose her concentration and was never giving up on anything that related her with achieving her dreams. She did many of the cameos and lead roles in short films, television series and movies. In 1998, she played a tooth fairy in a short film based in comedy sequences called Sometimes Santa’s Gotta Get Whacked. After in 2006 she was proposed to play Blue for A-List. In 2008, she appeared in a short movie Tranny Mcguyver as a Television News Reporter. A year later in 2009 she portrayed Madge in In My Sleep followed by Sarina‘s Song in 2011 where she played a party guest and The Chicago 8 in which she was a sketch artist. After the role play of animated version where she lend her vocals as a young Alice in Remember to Breathe released in 2012, she landed her major lead role for Kill Me, Deadly in 2013 flaunting the screen as Mona Livingston.


Her career in television-included roles like Veronica for the series Phil of the Future in 2004, a Ticketing agent called Stephanie in Lax the same year, the famously credited Penelope Garcia for Criminal Minds since 2005,as Laura Anderson in the series Vampire Mob in 2010, as Meredith Champagne for Pretty the Series in 2011 until 2012, a lead role of Penelope Cruz for Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior in 2011, as a celebrity guest for Second City This Week in 2011 and as a Therapist for Good Job, Thanks! From 2011 until 2013.


The scintillating talented actress Kirsten Vangsness with her acclaimed roles has gone through series of perfection and controversies in her career. Her weight loss and her relationship with film editor Melanie Goldstein with whom she is intending to get married in 2013 with inclusive gay and lesbian acts. Being a lesbian, she does not have any boyfriend and still not married so there arise no question of having a husband. Though her height seems to be small and her feet cutely slender she stands tall with her career incentive. The rumors relating her with Shemar Moore are without any reality yet she carries herself sound and strong. She can be followed in her official twitter account.