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The pregnancy chatter of actress Kirsten Storms is on the hype following her weight gain, however, it seems a bit of confusion if the fans are talking about Kirsten Storms or the character Maxie that she plays on the television series “General House”. So, we are clarifying your curiosity as there has already been raised countless queries about Storms’ increasing weight.

To the viewers who have been pondering over a question “Is Maxie of ‘General Hospital’ pregnant?” no, she is NOT PREGNANT but she seems to be in secret relationship in the series about which the fans have also got some hint of.

After the death of her on-screen husband character Nathan West when she was pregnant, Maxie currently seems infatuated with another character Peter August who helped her during the delivery of her son. Since she has no other romantic relationship other than her late husband Nathan, it is impossible that Maxie could be pregnant as she and Peter aren’t so close yet.

While the curiosity of Maxie’s pregnancy is also more probable trying to know if Kristen Storms is expecting a baby as she is dating a gorgeous man in her real-life, so who knows? Married with her former GH co-star Brandon Barash from 2013 to 2016, she has moved on in her life and is dating a musician Elias Reidy along with co-parenting her daughter Harper Rose Barash with Brandon.

Stated that her divorce was in the amicable term, Storms often adds pictures on her Instagram account of her day-to-day life while none of those pictures shows her baby bump neither has she revealed any information about expecting a baby. Hence, there are lesser chances to be verified the news of Kirsten Storms pregnancy.

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain 2019

While the debate about Kirsten Storms’ weight has been enduring on the social media platform since years, her recent weight gain has flamed the rumors of her pregnancy. Once went too skinny following her battle with anxiety and depression, she now looks gorgeously healthy and the actress herself has admitted that she is doing great.

Over losing weight due to her psychological issues, she has to face numerous criticisms for making an excuse of her health problem for her weight loss, but Storms has openly confessed her mental health issues and struggles.

And now Kirsten Storms has gained a bit weight which also shows her improving health, people aren’t satisfied even with her recovery as they have already come up with the new drama, accusing her being pregnant.

Well, let’s see how harsh can they still be upon once health and weight.

Also, one more thing that needs to be improved is the costume department of “General Hospital”. Yes, the drapey costumes always may not suit the person which might be the reason the actors appear on GH makes the characters look quite heavier and that is what happened with Storms as well.

Hence, it would be better questioning the GH costumers rather irritating the actress with pregnancy queries. All we are trying to say is that neither Kirsten Storms nor Maxie is pregnant as per all the symptoms available.

While we wish that the actress to be in a happy, hearty and harmonious relationship with the man she is in love with, be it in her reel or in real life.