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A stunningly beautiful, gorgeously hot and assertively talented Kim Cunnigham was born in Cincinnati, Ohio of the United States in 1966. Being an Ohio native, she had the flaws of a modern day from her early stage of child hood. She as for the American audiences is a recognizable figure in the stands of weather forecasting. As from her good looks and captivating charisma, it was an evident thing for her to be in charge of the reporting in The Weather Channel. She was a woman attached to forecasting of weather and Meteorology, since it bounded her emotionally and her talent took over the rest.


From her early childhood, she prominently was someone compelled to the nature. She was a charming little girl who loved nature and its beauty. However, it was the windstorm of April 4, 1974, which hit the city of Cincinnati, which changed the life of the little girl. The devastation caused the little girl towards ma curiosity of its origin. She was a brilliant student in her childhood. A well talented academic quality attributed by good knowledge of the atmospheric phenomena of science. She gained her high school degree from Creighton University situated in Omaha, the Nebraskan province of the States. She was as student of atmospheric science. A multi talented girl who was not satisfied by the degree so she went in to study applied Science in Air Force, which played a vital part in further enhancing her career.


She began to work for The Weather Channel from the early 90’s. She was an anchor for the channel. In 1991, she joined TWC in accordance to her Air Force career as an analyst of the weather. She had undertaken the duty of weather reporter and forecaster in Global Weather Center. Her determination and outspoken vision of her own personality kept her career in uplift. She was a perfectionist and a greatly hot and charismatic persona. Her charmingly good looks and bold character in presentation made her boost her career from an early stage. Her interest5s in meteorology was evident, apart from which she was an envier carried away by the ideals of atmospheric phenomena. She was deeply interested in finding out the relation between lightning, hurricanes, storms and tornados. She prospered in her breakthrough enhancement in broadcasting skills, hoisting of the television forecasting and a well-reputed meteorologist of America. She was among the one of the dignitaries honored by the United States as Airman of the Year title and Leadership School Academic Achievement Award.


Her multi tasking efforts made her leave the American Air Force and she joined The Weather Channel thereafter. From the very beginning of her enrollment in TWC, she got dignified to senior meteorologist off the screen. It was in 1997 when she faced the camera for the first time as an on screen host of the weather forecasting for TWC. Apart from the role-play of Host and Meteorologist, she also is a great writer and a proud author of her book “You Can BE A Woman Meteorologist”. The audience can never get enough of this dynamic and beautiful weather reporter. She has the perfect blend to captivate the viewers and keep in time with the current scenario of the weather situations. Her hosting in Weather Centre Live for TWC as an expert in hurricane forecasting still strongly is loved and followed by the viewers of TWC all over America. AMS AND NWS proposed her a membership for her rightful acclaim.


The storm specialist Kim is a beautiful dame with great blonde face, captivating eyes and hot long legs that keeps the audience gazing and glued to the television while she takes on the screen. Her age as until now, has not been leaked to the media keeping it private. Her affairs also did not come to flash due to her low profile in media attention. She is somebody who creates a mixture of confidence and beauty and portrays it on screen with a great attitude.


Kim Cunnigham is married with four children. She has a deep love with her husband and her family and there are no speculations about her divorce so far. She is an outgoing woman with love for sports. She likes baseball; soccer and manages time for the love of the game to observe it. Even at the age of 48, she simply feels age as not her limiting factor. She still is as beautiful and successful as before. Her complete bio is on internet in wiki and other websites. She is currently staying on Atlanta, GA of the United States of America.