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Kevin Kietzman Affair, Wife, Divorce, Age – Andy Reid Son Wiki
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Kevin Kietzman is one of the famous people in the radio industry. In particular, he is more famous for representing sports talk shows.

The life of Kevin has been very interesting. In his life, he has faced many things which are surely interesting to study for us as viewers. Following is all the information about Kevin and all the controversy he is linked in –

Kevin Kietzman Affair

Kevin Kietzman is happily married to his wife Jessica Keitzman. In fact, the couple has been together for a long period of time and are loyal to each other. Hence, there are no affairs in which Kevin is involved.

Kevin Kietzman Wife – Jessica Keitzman

Kevin Kietzman has a beautiful wife whose name is Jessica Keitzman. The couple seems happy to be in the relationship. In fact, they are together for more than two decades.

Moreover, the couple shares three children among each other. The whole family stays in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas. However, more details about his children are not out yet.

Kevin Kietzman Divorce

Kevin Kietzman and Jessica Kietzman are very happy to be in a relationship.

Moreover, there is no news about the divorce between them. Moreover, Kevin is not in any other affair.

Kevin Kietzman Age – 50 years old

The current age of Kevin Kietzman is about 50 years old. He was born in the mid-1960s. However, the exact birth date of him is not out on the web.

Kevin Kietzman – Andy Reid Son Wiki

Kevin Kietzman is a permanent resident of Kansas City. He was born in the same city. The details about his parents are not out yet. However, his father was a great admirer of sports and also taught Kevin some skills in football and basketball. Currently, Kevin is a host on a famous radio channel whose name is Sportsradio 810 WHB in Kansas City. In there, he is hosting the program “Between the Lines”.

Kevin is in controversy with some issues related to Andy Reid. Andy is the head coach of NFL team of Kansas. He, along with her wife Tammy, are parents to five children. Recently, their elder son Garrett lost his life due to drug addiction. In particular, he died because of the overdose of Heroin.

The hard time for Reid family didn’t stop as their another son whose name was Britt was in custody for drug-related issues. When Keitzman covered this issue in his program, he told something which kept him in trouble.

He said that the coach of the NFL team was not able to teach discipline to people. Moreover, he said coach Andy was unsuccessful to manage the team. However, it is disgraceful for a media person to blame a coach due to his players. Due to this reason, Kevin is in trouble as people think that he crossed the line in this issue. In fact, people say that Kevin said all these wilfully.