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A born talent with vibrancy of looks and divinity of vocals, Kellie Pickler came into fame from television debut and retained her stardom as a country singer and television personality with her effortless talent and looks. It needs an extra charisma to shine to a different level of vivacity and she had it all I her consent prodigy of lively astonishment. One who would prove to be the best in consideration of appearance and the soulful conductance of musical background there was no stop sign in her blooming career. With a hot body and gorgeous looks, she redefined the folk music scenario, securing sixth place in American Idol and gained the acclaim as a winner of the dance competition Dancing with the stars.


She breathed her first breath of life in June 28, 1986 in Albemarie, North Carolina of the United States of America. She was born to Clyde Raymond Pickler and Cynthia Mortan. A struggling childhood with parental disturbances, she had hr parents divorced and had to stray out of her mother’s company for a while and her father was a convict serving in jail. Therefore, her mother took over the guardian custody but after she was twelve years of age, she moved to her grandparents and had her rising with their influence. She had a great bonding with her grandparents and they were the one who helped her to maintain a career and formality of education. Being raised in a middle class grand parental guidance, she did prosper to be able to gain a promising childhood. Her early interest was mostly captured by the dreams of being a singer and she had performances in her college days that helped her confidence and vocal quality. She completed her graduation from North Stanly High School in 2004, where she performed cheerleading and was a teenage beauty heartthrob of the college.


As talking about her initial job experiences, she got employed as a waiter and also tried her luck in various beauty contests like Miss America and Miss North Carolina. Her beautiful face with well-built physique and a charismatic appearance had a comprehensible approach to audition for American Idol. Her exceptional vocal quality and singing made her the favorite to be among the finalist and she was even named the next Jessica Simpson. She had a soulful voice and her singing talent was much more appreciable than her deviant looks. However, she did not win the competition and was ranked among the six best singers of the season; she won the craze of the crowd. It was enough for her to start over her own campaign of forming her own band and solo performances. She even got featured in many promotional campaigns for the television. She had won many acclaims and honors for her talented outcomes from the Idol season. She was also praised and applauded by high level authorities, which included the mayor and being the proud recipient of Kellie Pickler Day.


Her fame rose to high standards after receiving honors, awards and she got signed for a record deal from 19 Recordings/ BNA Records based in Nashville, Tennessee. She had her single released in 2006 called Re High Heels, which got her a nomination from CMT Video Awards. Right after a hit single, her debut album Small Town Girl equally received a high review and got her to top of the Billboard charts. She contributed as a songwriter and singer for the highly applauded album and got her renowned as a top rated country singer and songwriter. She had her television debut as a host for The View. Her best singles include Things That Never Cross a Mind’s Mind, Don’t you Know You’re Beautiful, Best Days of Your Life, Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You, Someone Somewhere Tonight, Little Bit Gypsy and The Woman I Am to name the few.


Kellie Pickler other major achievement was winning the reality based dancing competition, Dancing with the Stars. Her stylish statements and flaunting different hairstyles has been an influential persona she endeavors. The super hot country diva with mesmerizing appearance, great body measurements, splendid height and slender feet, looks captivating in any attire she flaunts, it be either a formal wear or two-piece bikini. She has a natural beauty, which does not need any makeovers or plastic surgeries. She has been married to Kyle Jacobs in first of Jan in 2011. More about her bio and feats can be found in wiki.