MAFS: Who Are Katina Goode & Olajuwon Dickerson? Age, Instagram And Job

MAFS: Who Are Katina Goode & Olajuwon Dickerson? Age, Instagram And Job

Hitched At First Sight is a spectacular show that aired in various countries with different versions of itself; Many people believe that this show will work out just as others say, but think about it! 

This is a show where people excitingly meet each other and then get married right away. This clarification may be a little confusing for some people, but that is all there is to it.

Who Are Katina Goode And Olajuwon Dickerson – Their Job Explored

There are a few contenders, but one of the couples, Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson, has a lot of support.

Without a sure, people appear to be curious to learn more about their age, Instagram, employment, overall assets, and so on.

Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson are two of the few competitors on Married at First Sight, which is now in its sixteenth season in Boston.

Indeed, they have only recently begun to be noticed. Therefore there isn’t a lot of information about who they are as people or specialists.

Regardless, there are a variety of facts about them that might be fascinating to people. 

Katina Goode And Olajuwon Dickerson Age Details 

Katina has been single for almost two years and has always fantasized about being a mother and wife.

As a result, she elected to participate in this performance, which will benefit her. Furthermore, she is only 29 years old, but her exact date of birth or birthday has yet to be revealed.

On the other hand, Olajuwon Dickerson is a man who has just evolved into a refined man after his playboy days were over, and he needed to be a good sweetie.

In this way, he decided to be a part of the play after speaking with a friend who had previously been a cast member.

He is also 29 years old, and there are no aspects of interest from his introduction to the world that can be found in the same way.

As previously said, there are currently no specific and expert views surrounding Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson.

Meet Katina Goode And Olajuwon Dickerson On Instagram

They haven’t mentioned how they make ends meet or what they do for a living in the long run. Furthermore, because their professional life is a no-no arrangement for us, viewing their total assets appears to be quite tricky.

Katina Goode doesn’t seem to have an Instagram account. Even though she may be, her handle has not been public yet, and we have not found any clues on the stage.

Olajuwon Dickerson is available on stage, but he has a private handle, and few people pay attention to what he tweets. On stage, he goes by the handle @olajuwon, Dickerson.

Considering everything, a few other sources have posted photos of them on Instagram, similar to the authoritative page of married from the start.