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The hot and dynamic personality of television, journalist and an author in profession, Katie Couric is a well known name to the world. She has the presence of a divine beauty with long blonde hair and enchants the audience and rest of the world with her talent so influential. She has been a part of several media houses like Big Three Television, NBC and CBS to name the few. Her introspective persona and a well built physique captivate the viewers and many more. She has been linked with the profession of journalism and reporting for quite a while now and has been appreciated and acclaimed from it. She also indulges herself in many of the social welfare programs and charitable works.


Katherine Anne Couric felt the first verse of life in Arlington, Virginia of the United States of America in January 7, 1957 to Elinor Tullie and John Martin Couric. Her ethnicity is Jewish and she bears an American nationality. Her ancestors have been believed to have migrated from the Germany. She was a student of Arlington Public School and changed many of her school to complete her high school education. She moved to Williamsburg iddle School and then to Yorktown High School. She was affiliated to cheer leaders group as well as did her internship in radio for the station WAVA. While her graduation studies were being formulated she got several opportunities to enroll herself in many career building job options. She completed her graduation with a major in English in 1979.


Her initial enrollment in media got her the chance to get linked with various job options. She started her career from television working for the ABC station in 1979 after her graduation. She moved to CNN, working for the network in the field of editing. Her career had different ups and downs yet she kept her foot hold strong in the field and conquered in whatever she was given with. She after having many experiences from the initial media houses she worked for landed a job as an anchor for the NBC network in 1989. She formulated her responsibilities for the network by anchoring in various news reporting like NBC News and NBC news at Sunrise. She also got featured as an anchor and reporter for the series “Today” from 1991 until 2006. Joining up with many veteran anchors and reporters she cried her way through high dignity and proved herself with the hardship of working and filling in for the veterans. In her career in NBC she has got the opportunity to get interviews from various high profiled peoples of the American political scenario and the presidents of the United States like George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Jon F. Kennedy Jr and Gerald R. Ford to name the few. Sharing the screen with such high level dignitaries and still keeping her focus was a breakthrough achievement which boomed her career with fame and luxury. Through her enchanting interviews she has been a proud winner of any of the awards and has been accolade ever since by many of the felicitations.


She moved to CBS in Aril of 2006 and hosted CBS Evening News as a managing editor. Her long running hype from other networks got outclassed and she reached a new level of fame and got herself inducted in the celebrity status from the CBS network. She also got award from Emmy Governor’s Award for her outstanding initiative in the television industry on March 9, 2009. On her term in CBS she again got the opportunity to share the screen face with biggies of the American background like the presidents and Secretary of States. Her list of prodigy included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, John Edwards and various other famous celebrities and politicians. On her entire career span she has been linked with several media houses and networks and has earned herself a sustainable reputation along with profitable salary and a net worth to satisfy her living standards as a celebrity.


Katie Couric exchanged her vows with John Paul Monahan in 1989 and has been blessed by two daughters, Ellinor Tully Monahan and Caroline from the marriage. Her husband passed away in 1998 with a lethal carcinogenic syndrome. Even her sister had cancer and died in 2001. The deaths took her to act as a Cancer Awareness Campaigner and she also associated herself in any charitable and fund raising programs relating the cancer patients. She has not married again but the speculations regarding her getting a plastic surgery are completely unreal and so is the news of her affairs. The star has flaunted many fashion statements with wide appreciation and even looks hot in bikini wears. More information regarding her bio and triumphs can be found in wiki.