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Kate Barnette American Idol – Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Family, Parents, Dating, Boyfriend
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Kate Barnette is one of the Top 20 contestants of recently launched show American Idol Season 17. A 23-year-old Barnette claims she is a folk soul artist and believes that there exists an intense connection between the performer and the audience.

Early Life and Education

Kate was born on year 1996. Bought up in a small town in North Georgia, at the early age of three, she started singing in the church. She in a moment decided her passion in performing and did performance in various musicals, school’s event, on her grandmother’s fireplace and so on.  She first started playing guitar, when she was in middle school when she picked up her dad’s Steve Barnette acoustic guitar.

She graduated from Harrison High School Kennesaw, Georgia in year 2013. Later Kate dropped out from the school and went Nashville to pursue her career as a songwriter. It is mentioned in her social accounts that by the age she was 18-year-old, she wrote more than hundred songs.

She now currently lives at Tampa, Florida.

 Kate’s Boyfriend and Relationship

From every source available, there is no information of her having any kinds of relationships. An American singer Kate is more focused and passionate in her making of career as a singer. She has a strong desire to be a famous singer.

Barnette has kept very low profile about herself due to which there is nothing much mentioned about her private life and events.

Professional Career and Social Accounts

Kate through her Facebook page describes herself as a jazz/ blues, indie/pop singer and songwriter. She began her career by singing at small events in past and eventually today her hardship made her to release her own album. She also knows how to play instruments such as piano, trumpet, drums, and banjo. She is now a full-time musician based in Atlanta.

23-year-old Kate’s social accounts are full of her adventurous music journey. She also seems to be travelling a lot to various places and frequently uploads pictures of sceneries.

Kate’s Body Structure and Details

A music fanatic Kate generally appears with round black hat on the head with decent dressing pattern. She has medium blonde curly hair and round nose-pin on nose. Her complexion seems to look fair. She is not that tall and her weight is average. She has blue eyes and signature bonnet on the head.

Barnette is outgoing person by nature and enjoys hanging out with her pals. She has such an appealing personality with soulful voice due to which she has became able to impress thousands of viewer and most important the judges of the show.

Kate’s Salary and Net Worth

With the album she has dropped recently in 2017, she might have been able to earn decent amount of money from it.

She is now all set to impress the judges in American idol and all determined in winning the title. She hopes to win the show and take the huge cash prize with her and most of all to become the singing star.