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Very radiant and impressively beautiful Kat Cole is one of the leading business women of America of current time. Currently working for Focus Brand at Cinnabon, Inc. as a president, this terrific lady of thirty five year of age has built her career height magnificently in a very short time. Daughter of a divorcee mother, young Kat started working at the tender age of sixteen, to support her mother with finance in order to raise her two siblings.


This amazingly hot lady in her mid thirties at present, used to work at Hooters at Jacksonville, Florida. She then was in her high school and was around 17 years of age. She took the part time job at the place and was seen greeting Hooters customers at the door and clearing tables. Two years later, she was appointed as a hooters girl; dressed in a tiny orange shorts and a tank top serving chicken wings and beer to the people. Gradually she was promoted into a Hooters bartender, then a manager trainer. After promoted as a trainer, she doped herself to acquire a college degree in engineering in University of North Florida, but 20 year old Kat could not finish her studies and had to dropout as her employer asked her to travel around the world for opening Hooters franchises. This beautiful lady still shares laughter whenever talked about her first international flight. Hooters had wanted to open their franchise in Sydney, Australia and it was Cole who was proposed to fly there. She had taken a day to think on the matter; flown to Miami, got her passport and a day after accepted her employer’s proposal.  She travelled worldwide launching the franchise, appointing and training each individual of the chain. This devotion of hers made her an executive vice president of Hooters at very young age. After her promotion in the executive suite, she officially dropped her college studies but was able to acquire an MBA from Georgia State University. As she didn’t have bachelors degree, she was recommended and   was wrote letters from various chief executives and business leaders in Atlanta. Few universities offer an MBA program to undergraduate who is work experienced and this beautiful lady got accepted in the term of her experience and all those recommendations from renowned CEOs of the state. After working 15 years in Hooters, she left them and enrolled with Cinnabon. In January 2011, this immensely talented Kat was appointed as president of Cinnabon Inc. she was hired as a chief operating officer at first but after three month was promoted as the president of the chain replacing Gary Bales. Cinnabon is a brand owned by a private firm equity Focus Brands Inc. based in Atlanta, which is also the parent of Moe’s Southwest Grill, Schlotzsky’s, Carvel and Auntie Anne’s. As per the brand Cinnabon, their signature product cinnamon bun was expected to reach $1 billion plus sales in 2013, all credit headed to this lovely Kat Cole. She also had worked with Change Management, communication, sales, Service, Brand and organizational leadership and was also a featured speaker on the topics for various associations and universities. She also had served as the director of Women’s Food service Forum, Inc. associated with various forums and foundations; she had successfully led various projects in food service and hospitality industries. Believing on the show off of what a person is and a very much business oriented lady; this pretty charmer has the exact angle of business upgrading and sustaining strategies.


This lovely lady Kat Cole is not married yet and has no husband but of course, she is seeing someone. She and her long time boyfriend lives together in a 3000 square feet home in Atlanta which she has filled with her own painting and one of the room is filled with her beloved’s hunting bows and rifles.


This supremely talented and much experienced entrepreneur is in no doubt paid handsome amount of salary as per her executive standards. Always active in social networking sites, her inspiring bio can be found in various sites and wiki is also in process of creating a page on her.


A very farsighted Kat Cole has established her product very popular among the bakery Lovers. She has not only provided a market with a twist of taste but also with collaboration of different popular brands. Like other famous Entrepreneur she is also a drop out graduate who is being successful to enlighten the word with expansion of brands and products.