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Kason Lester is a Lebanese, and an emerging America’s singer and songwriter who recently got selected in ABC’s American Idol Season 17.  He will be appearing on March 6 episode of an American idol show.

Kason Lester:  Early life and education

Kason Lester is originally from Lebanon, Tennessee and has always been a song lover from very beginning. He grew up watching the American idol show and he is glad and overwhelmed that he is part of the grand show at present. He in his recent interview has said that he along with his parents used to have ‘American idol’ night and used to watch every episode together.

Lester graduated with music business degree in May 2017 from Belmont. He tried engaging in other works, but he always came back to his passion of singing and writing songs.

Lester’s Girlfriend/s, parents and relationships


Lester  has tried keeping low profile among the media due to which it cannot be specified if he is in any kind of relationships or not.

However, he has close relationship with his family. His father Kevin Lester and mother Teresa Lester along with his grandmother Fran Martin and brother Michel made trip to his latest audition for the show and stood there together to support him.

Professional career- Songwriter and a Farmer

Kason Lester by a profession is a songwriter and he is also a strawberry farmer and owns Lester’s farm at Lebanon, Tennessee. He in his recent audition brought a basket full of strawberries for the judges and the judges were quite happy to receive the organic strawberries from his own farm.

In one of his interview, he mentioned that he at first didn’t believed that he was performing in front of such a popular celebrity judges that included Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. He also said that Katy Perry wearing his Lester’s farm cap the whole time while he was performing made his audition journey more amazing.

How does Kason Lester look like? Physical appearance of Kason Lester and his social accounts

Kason Lester is a young music devotee who has spectacular body with muscular abs. He often wears a cap on his head and has that tough singer looks with beard on his face. In many sources, the viewer has found him attractive and sexy with incredible voice.

His Instagram accounts is filled with pictures of him with his guitar, his mother and brother and also  pictures of the strawberries he grows in his farm.

Where does Lester currently lives in?

Lester seems to be living in his hometown at Lebanon, Tennessee with his parents handling his farm along with writing and singing songs.

He also owns a pet dog named Daisy and has posted couple of picture of Daisy on his Instagram account.

Net worth of Kason Lester

Kason’s exact earnings in any of his recent interviews and articles has not been mentioned but we can assume that he earns suitable amount from his strawberry farm in Lebanon and if he luckily succeeded to win the title of the American Idol, he will certainly be winning millions of dollars from it.