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Karlie Redd Daughter Jasmine Lewis: Jasmine Lewis Age and Birthday?
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I don’t know how it feels to be the child of successful and rich parents. Well, that is because I do not have such parents. But the person we are talking about today surely knows the pros and cons of having a star parent.

Jasmine Lewis is the celebrity child that we are talking about today. Do you know Karlie Redd? If you are a hip hop fan, then I think you have heard the name somewhere. If not, then it’s alright.

Karlie is an American hip-hop artist model and actress. She is best known for her roles in the reality show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Wanna know more about her? Search for her on the internet.

However, we will be talking about her daughter Jasmine Lewis in the coming sections.

Jasmine Lewis Age, Birthday

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According to the information available on a source, Jasmine Lewis is currently 20 years of age. However, we could not find the exact date of birth of Lewis anywhere on the internet. Believe us, we tried very hard. But the web can be unforgiving sometimes.

It seems that Jasmine does not like to share her personal information with the general public. Maybe she does not like to be the center of attraction. Or maybe she just doesn’t care at all.

Jasmine Lewis’s Parents

We honestly want to tell you that there is not much information available on the internet on Jasmine Lewis. However, there are some things that might be of some use to our readers.

By now, you all know that Jasmine is the daughter of Karlie Redd, who happens to be a famous reality TV star.

What people don’t know is about Jasmine’s father. She has well hidden this information for all these years.

However, a source tells about the rumors of her father being Nate Hill. We want to tell you that Hill is a former drug dealer, who is currently serving a life imprisonment sentence.

Nate has been charged with illegally trading drugs and attempting to flee to escape to Africa to escape the judiciary. Maybe that’s the reason that she has been keeping the identity of her father a secret from the people.

However, we don’t know this for sure. Hope she will reveal the secret eventually.

Interesting Facts

Apart from being a celebrity child, Jasmine is also a rising Reality TV Star. Despite being a star child, she likes to maintain a low key profile. However, this has not helped her from being a news topic in several magazines.

Jasmine has guest-starred alongside her mother in the same show that her mother features in. Seems like Karlie wants to make her daughter a star like her. That is so obvious anyway.

Jasmine has got a quite athletic physique and she seems to be quite concerned about her health and fitness. As per the information available, she follows fitness activities and a healthy diet to stay fit.

That’s all we have right now. If you want to know more, check the internet as much as you like. But let me warn you, there is disappointment waiting for you in every new site you visit.