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Karine Jean-Pierre Spouse – Girlfriend or Husband? Find Daughter, Salary
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Karine Jean-Pierre, an LGBTQ political campaign organizer, and a TV personality is a very strong-headed personality. She shows a very serious concern for human rights. She has done political commentaries, politics being her interest. In addition to this, she is a lecturer for international and public affairs at Columbia University.

Her support for equality in human rights makes her different in the mass.

Quick Facts:

First Name Karine
Last Name Jean-Pierre
Birthday 1977
Nationality America
Body Measurements
Profession American commentator
Parents ( Father Mother)
Wife or Husband
Son and Daughter
Ethnicity Mixed
Net Worth 1 Million USD


Is Karine Jean-Pierre married?

Karine is a proud lesbian. She has been open about her sexuality. However, she has not spoken publicly about her marital status. Looking at her social media posts she looks like a single mother. Or maybe she does not want us to know the details of her personal life.

At 42 years of age, the show definitely wouldn’t have hidden if she was married or dating anyone.

Besides her love life, she is very much dedicated to her profession.

Does Karine Jean-Pierre have a daughter?

Well, yes. She has a very beautiful daughter. She posts pictures and videos of her daughter on her personal social media. However, she does not expose too much about her daughter. Her daughter looks as courageous as her. She does not look older than 5 years.

How much does Karine earn?

As a part of her profession, she is a lecturer and a TV personality. She is an independent woman. the information about her income is not available yet. But she earns for herself and her daughter. She lives in a house in New York.

Karine’s Bio

She was born on August 1977 in America. Her parents were originally from Haiti. She thinks that her parents’ immigration has a lot to do in making her what she is today. As said earlier, she is 42 years old. But, she looks too young for that age.

She currently lives in New York and is an American national.

Apart from her professional career, not so much is available on the internet. As a black American, she is often seen speaking for the rights of black people in America.

Karine’s Career: How has she accomplished?

Her direct involvement in politics started in the year 2004. She worked in John Edward’s Political Campaign as a regional political director for the southeast region.

Thereafter in 2008, she became the southeast regional director for presidential campaign again. But this time, for Obama’s Presidential campaign. She was one of the many LGBTQ staff back then. Later in 2012, she again worked for Obama’s Presidential re-election Campaign. This time, she was the National Deputy Battleground States Director.

She also did the work of Deputy Campaign Manager for Martin O’Malley’s presidential campaign.

After the campaigns, she decided to be the lecturer for International and Public affairs. Thus she joined Columbia University.

Currently, in January 2019, she is the political analyst for NBC News and MNBC.

Besides that, she has also published her own book, Moving Forward.

Her Social Media Presence

In this modern world, the media and tv personalities surely can’t get away from social media. They get help and provide help through their personal social media.

In this way, Karine also is active on Instagram. She has gained over 59000 followers on Instagram.

Besides Instagram, she also has over 160000 followers on Twitter. We can also find her as Karine Jean-Perrie on Facebook.