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Karin Bohn Wikipedia, Instagram, Age, Husband, Net Worth – Is She Married?
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Karin Bohn is a popular name in the fashion industry. She is a Vancouver based Interior Designer. Also, the designer is featuring on a Netflix series, Restaurants on The Edge along with Dennis Prescott and Nick Liberato.

Karin Bohn Wikipedia

Despite award-winning designs, Karin Bohn’s name is not listed on Wikipedia. However, Bohn will definitely make up for it.

Karin Bohn was born on April 3, 1981. She was born and raised in the small town of British Columbia, Dawson Creek. Bohn is a Canadian by nationality. Moreover, she belongs to White ethnicity.

Bohn dwelled in a dream of being an entrepreneur since the age of 7. In the first grade, she sold chocolate to her classmates. Not only passionate, but she was creative as well.

Considering education, she joined The University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Karin studied Philosophy & German Studies.

Her entrepreneurial soul did not hold in the university either. Likewise, Karin sold paintings from her mother’s basement to her teachers and friends.

Apart from this, Bohn had an interest in athletics. She was an athlete for over a decade. The major lesson that she learned is friendship, trust, hard work, and transparency in relationships. These teachings became her core values.

Born in 1981, Karin Bohn’s Age is 38 years old

Karin Bohn’s age is 38 years old as of now.

United States native, Karin was born in the year 1981.

Karin was unaware of her designing skills at first

After education, she went to Calgary with her friend.

Looking for a job, she landed at Ellipsis Design. The firm sold furniture for a home consultation. During that time, she was a member of the extremely talented team.  The team designed furniture which was constructed in China.

At first, she did not intend to become an interior designer. However, call it destiny or luck, she became one. The job was her first interaction with the designing industry. Soon, she pursued her career on it.

The designer first joined the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She failed to do a project. Thus, she dropped out of university. Later on, she went to design school at Stantec Consulting.

After design school, Karin worked with a residential design firm. A few months later, she decided to take turn her dream into reality. Finally, she launched the House of Bohn. It is her own interior design creative agency.

Karin is now a successful entrepreneur and an interior designer. But still, she believes that hard work and dedication is everything.

Besides, Bohn is now a speaker and a guide as well. The lady helps people to guide on the career path. She has become an inspiration to many people through her hard work.

Karin has over 37k followers on Instagram

Karin Bohn is popular on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. Her story and motivation attract people.

As of now, she has 105K subscribers on Youtube and 37.3K followers on Instagram. Also, Bohn has her own web series, #Bohnafide. In the series, she talks about the designs by both the client’s and the designer’s perspective.

Karin Bohn is Married to Husband Chris

Karin Bohn married her husband Chris on November 17, 2016, in Cancun, Mexico. However, not many details on his partner are found on the web.

During the wedding, they got to spend time with their family and friends. That was the moment that they will cherish for lifelong.

Karin Bohn Net Worth

Karin Bohn is one of the most creative designers with hefty net worth. The penthouse project in Coal Harbour, Vancouver was listed at $59 million.

Bohn lives a luxurious life. Thus, it is a fact she has a net worth of millions of dollars. However, the exact figure is not revealed.