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Kadi Flagg Wiki, Age (Alligator Frank Robb Girlfriend)  Net Worth, Family, Bio
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By now, you must have known how easily people go from being normal to celebrities. Such is the case of Frank Robb, who is most popular as Gator Robb or Alligator Frank Robb.

Well, he is a Florida alligator trapper. And, he got his ticket to fame after capturing an alligator named Chance the Snapper. As funny as it sounds, that animal was named after the famous rapper, Chance the Rapper.

In the same way, Gator Robb has now found love and he is in a relationship. Likewise, Kadi Flagg is the name of his girlfriend. Well, you might not know about her yet, that’s why we are here to tell you.

Kadi Flagg Wiki

After Robb removed Chance the Snapper from Humboldt Park, women started showing their feelings for him on the internet. However, Kadi Flagg is the one whom he has fallen in love with.

Kadi Flagg is someone most of you have not heard of before. And, she recently came to the attention of people after the news of her dating Robb came out. Hence, there is a lack of info about her life.

All that is known is that she resides in Chicago. Likewise, they began dating each other quite recently. And, they are in a long-distance relationship. So, Robb makes time and visits her often in Chicago.

In the same way, Kadi has an easy reaction towards reptiles. And, this is what made Robb like her in the first place. After all, Robb’s job is all about the reptiles.

Kadi Flagg Age: 30 (Alligator Frank Robb Girlfriend)

Well, by now, you might be wondering about Kadi’s age. But, sadly, there is no info about the details of her personal life.

Hence, we are not aware of her date of birth and her age. All we know is that she is dating Frank Robb. Other than that, not much is known about her.

But, looking from her photos, Kadi Flagg looks like she is 30 years of age. Nevertheless, she looks quite younger than Robb. That is for sure.

Kadi Flagg’s Net Worth

Kadi Flagg lives a normal and private life. And, until now, she has kept her personal details exclusive.

As a result, we do not know about Kadi Flagg’s net worth.

In fact, we have no info regarding her profession as well. So, we are not aware of her source of earnings. Hence, we hope, Kadi discloses a bit about her life in the coming days.

In the same way, when it comes to Robb’s net worth, he must have amassed some wealth. After all, he is famous for the job he does.

Kadi Flagg Family

Kadi Flagg is from Chicago. So, her family might reside there as well. Besides this, noting much is out.

But, we are sure, as time goes by, we will get to know more about her and her family.

Kadi: Bio

Kadi Flagg is popular as the girlfriend of Frank Robb. She is from the windy city, Chicago. Likewise, they first met each other in July. It was right after the Chance the Snapper incident.

Likewise, they are in a long-distance relationship. Hence, Robb goes to visit his girlfriend whenever he has the time.