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June the 8th of 1966 a day a star was born in Spring Valley, New York to Francesca and Paul Margules. She was named Julianna Luisa Margulies. Her mother was a belly dancer and a teacher and her father was a writer. She was born with a Jewish ethnicity, and they were travelers. Her mother changed her religion to Christianity when she was in her childhood. The early childhood of her was spent mostly in Israel before finally settling in the New York City. The hardship of being a young traveler as an immigrant did not affect the struggling parents nor did it traumatized her.


Margulies did her schooling from Green Meadow Waldorf School and completed her high schooling from High Mowing School living based in New York. She traveled to parts of French origin and English provinces in her process settling in different places. She completed her graduation majoring in BA from Sarah Lawrence College. A perfectly talented student of arts she also attended in many events and displayed her acting skills in several plays during her college days. Due to her interest in acting, she attended acting class in The Acting Studio, Inc located in New York during 1988 until 1989.


As a struggling actor, she did many cameo roles as well as small acts during her early career. Her first role was of a prostitute in Steven Seagal’s movie called Out For Justice. From several television roles, she finally hit the spot in 1994 when she was cast as Carol Hathaway on ER. The role, which was supposed to end with her death, but her acclaim, kept her in the show for six years. The part of Carol got her an Emmy Award for Best supporting actor in a televised Drama in 1994. She continuously got nominated for the role every year during her period of the series and which made her the only member of the entire cast to be nominated again and again throughout her tenure. After the success of ER, she got the opportunity to work with many several renowned directors and actors. She appeared on stage in Intrigue With Faye, Ten Unknowns and The Vagina Monologues. She also acted in a movie called Evelyn alongside Pierce Brosnan and on a flick named Ghost Ship featuring Gabriel Byrne and Ron Eldard. In 2001, she appeared in The Mists of Avalon and was a member of the crew in 2002 documentary Searching for Debra Winger. She appeared as a guest in the hit television show Scrubs. In 2004, she again appeared in The Grid and in April 2006 appeared in The Sopranos, displaying her potential as an actor. Acting in small roles in the movie Snakes on a Plane, Miller and in The Lost Room she made her mark.


With so many critical acclaims in her name, she was again invited to do the role for which she got awarded with the Emmy Award, but she refused at the last moment. She did a small cameo in The Darwin Awards in 2007 and starred in Canterbury’s law in 2008. In 2009, she appeared in The Good Wife where she enacted the role-play of an attorney, which was broadcasted from CBS. The same year she got awarded with NYWIFT Muse award for her outstanding achievements in both the small and the big screen portrayals. She won a Golden Globe for her role in The Good Wife. With many nominations in Emmies and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Margulies won several of them including three Screen Actor Guilds Award. Later she became the producer of the series The Good Wife.


The stunningly gorgeous actress went through many high and lows in her career, which include the speculations about her plastic surgery. The accusations is not completely true as she did go through some surgery but the media reported the wrong  information regarding her role play of a surgeon in ER.


In November 10 2007, Julianna Margulies got married to Keith Lieberthal and have a son Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal, who was born in January 17, 2008 from her husband. She is happily married. Having possessed with a hot body, admirable feet and a great physique with splendid height, she never feels embarrassed about sporting a bikini and exposing her long slender legs and a well-built physique. She has grown commendable with her age and her information can be found in wiki.