Julian Lamadrid Girlfriend And Age: Everything To Know About

Julian Lamadrid Girlfriend And Age: Everything To Know About

Julian Lamadrid’s girlfriend is Genevieve Olivia Dunning and, he is a young and creative American musician. Let’s find out.

Julian is an individual artist with all the creative freedom to himself. He is a singer and also a songwriter. 

Julian got his recognition by L’ Official, Wonderland, Clash, and many more.

He has got featured in the 1883 Magazine. The magazine has parsed him for “living and breathing art in its many forms.”

Name Julian Lamadrid
Birthday 12 April 1988
Age 23
Gender Male
Nationality Americian
Profession Singer
Instagram @julianlamadrid
Twitter @JulianLamadrid.
Youtube @ Julian Lamadrid
Facebook @JulianLamadridOfficial

Who Is Julian Lamadrid Girlfriend?

Julian Lamadrid’s girlfriend name is Genevieve Olivia Dunning

Furthermore, there is not much information about Genevieve. 

She is with Julian for many years and is seen in the music videos of Julian. 

From the Instagram of Genevieve, it could be that she is doing modeling.

Julian Lamadrid Age- How Old Is She?

Julian Lamadrid’s age is 23 years old. 

Julian has celebrated his birthday the past month on the 12 of April. 

Julian was born in the year 1998. Julian always celebrates his birthday uniquely posting on Twitter.

Julian was born and raised in Dubai. His parents were Mexican.

Julian Lamadrid Wikipeida

Julian Lamadrid does not have a Wikipedia as of now. 

He is still yet to be to get featured by Wikipedia. But he might soon get his page as he is getting famous all over the internet. 

Julian is a Mexican singer. Julian is now based in New York City. 

There is a whole interview of Julian on the Vmagazine page.

What Is Julian Lamadrid Net Worth?

Julian Lamadrid net worth is still not revealed by him.

He has started to make a name in the music industry.

He releases his video on his YouTube channel. So it could be estimated that his earnings are mainly from YouTube.

Julian Lamadrid Instagram

Julian Lamadrid has an Instagram account with a whopping of 17.4K followers. 

His Instagram account is by the name @julianlamadrid. He is following 393 people and has 128 posts on Instagram. 

He also has a Twitter account at @JulianLamadrid. His Twitter has about 978 followers. 

His YouTube channel name is Julian Lamadrid.

His Facebook page name is @JulianLamadridofficial.