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Panama born Juan Williams is famed as American media person as well as political forecaster. He also is columnist for newspapers like The Washington post; The New York times and also writes for Time and The Atlantic Monthly. He served The Washington in the position of Columnist, White House newspaperman for 23 years. Although his parent names are not mentioned, he was born in Colon, Panama. In 1972, he got his graduation degree from Oakwood Friends School. In school days, he worked as corrector of student paper, baseball and basketball captain. In 1976, he from Haverford College advanced in philosophy.

He in his initial career days worked as columnist for Washington post. While writing for a sexual harassment case, it was exposed Williams used to sexually exploit many girls. For which Washington Post had to take actions against him and make him apologize for his immoral work. In 2000, he went to work for National Public Radio as anchor for Talk of the Nation. He then climbed in the post of Senior National Newspaperman. He was going well on his work. But suddenly he gave his comment on Mary Katharine Ham while she appeared in Fox Channel show O’Reilly Factor. His comment was criticized to full extend. Soon after his comment, National Public Radio CEO entreated Fox for an apology. Soon after this controversial remark he was fired from National Public Radio on 2010. Before working with National Public Radio, he was one of the donors of Fox Channel. He for Fox news channel has seemed in Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Juan hosted The Five as well as served as guest presenter of The O’Reilly Factor.  As he got fired from National Public Radio, the fox channel raised his contract for three years with salary of 2 million dollar. He gave his comment after being fired from National Public Radio as he was not NPR type; CEO of NPR was searching for purpose to fire me. NPR didn’t want me to work for Fox channel as I was doing job on both media houses. Apart from Juan Williams has worked in television. For his documentary writing for television he has been awarded with Emmy Award. He has worked in Politics: The New Black Power, Civil Rights and The Press, A. Philip Randolph for Jobs and Freedom, Riot to Recovery and Dying for Healthcare for which he was judgmentally praised. He for fox news got the salary of 2 million dollar for three years. There is no any information about his salary or net worth.

Moving on to his personal Life, he is married to wife Delise Susan. The couple bore two sons and one daughter. Since 1978 the couple is living happy life. So let us not assume about their divorce or extra marital affairs. His son was unsuccessful to grab the seat of Council of the District of Columbia. His younger son works for Benishek for Congress as Communications Director. Previously he worked for The House Committee on Rules.

Apart from this, Juan has written several books regarding racial and their rights. His books namely Eyes on the prize: America’s Civil Rights year, 1954-65 are critically acclaimed. He came out with his latest book in 2003 namely This Far by Faith. He as mentioned above is aider to many of newspaper. He actively works as Board of Managers of Haverford College. Juan has the position of Board of Directors of New York Civil Rights Coalition as well as in Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program.

Talking about his awards, he has received numerous awards like Front Page Award, Education Writer of America, Emmy Award, and Political Commentary Awards. Juan is honorary doctor of Haverford College and State University of New York. There are other many awards which are difficult to mention.

To know more about Juan Williams we can see his personal site which has his biography. The information regarding him also can be found in wiki and in other search engine. His more curious fans can follow him in twitter which is the common and easy way to reach as well as to know about the desired person.