Jonathan T Gilliam Wikipedia: Everything About Author

Jonathan T Gilliam Wikipedia: Everything About Author

Here’s what Jonathan T Gilliam has to say about the gun rights issue in the US. Get to know everything there is to know about the author below.

Jonathan T Gilliam is a former NAVY Seal, Federal Marshal, and FBI Agent.

Gilliam is also an author with four books published in the past four years. Similarly, he also provides his services as a security contractor and has recently entered into politics.

Jonathan T Gilliam Wikipedia

Jonathan T Gilliam, the author, started as a police officer in the Camp Robinson Police Department, Arkansas.

Gilliam uses his military knowledge and academic knowledge of Bachelor’s in Politics and Psychology to provide practical solutions on rising issues. Similarly, he receives much criticism regarding his insights on gun rights. 

Jonathan talked with John Crump Ammoland, where he said that removing gun access will make the good people vulnerable. Further, he says that criminals need mental health treatment as they are not sane. He says that a gun ban won’t stop the criminal mindset from harming others.

Jonathan published his books regarding the security issues in the US. He also talks about his view on his ‘The Experts’ podcast and YouTube channel.

Jonathan T Gillian Age And Wife

Jonathan T Gillian seems to be 60-65 years old.

However, his exact birth details are out of reach for now.

Similarly, we cannot find any details regarding his wife on the web.

Nevertheless, Gillian does not indulge his personal life with the media. So, there aren’t any details on his wife as well.

Jonathan T Gillian Twitter

Jonathan T Gillian has a Twitter account at @JGilliam_SEAL.

Make sure to follow him for his regular updates and debates.

Jonathan T Gillian Net Worth

The net worth of Jonatha T Gillian is estimated to be in the millions. 

Further, he seems to have a luxurious life with his years of professional service.

However, his actual net worth is not available anywhere on the web.

Similarly, his posting was in Central and South America as Navy Officer in charge during his military days. 

Further, he was in charge of the Counter Drug/Narcotics missions on his deployment.

But Gilliam resigned from the Navy in 2002 as he had to go for an undercover mission as Federal Air Marshal. Similarly, he was also the Security Specialist for the US Department of Homeland Security. 

Gilliam’s longest affiliation was with the FBI from 2005-2013 when he was in the Criminal and counterterrorism squads.