Who Is Jonathan Phang? Everything About The British Food Writer And Chef

Who Is Jonathan Phang? Everything About The British Food Writer And Chef

Jonathan Phang is a British food writer, chef, and former model agent. Let us gather some more information regarding the chef in the article below.

Jonathan Phang is a TV presenter, chef, and food writer, and the former judge of the popular TV show Britain’s Next Top Model. 

He has written multiple cookbooks and cooking guides with his most famous book, The Pepperpot Club.

His last project was called Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet trains, where he filmed himself traveling across the world in the most iconic trains and tasting the different foods along the way. 

Jonathan Phang Spouse: Is He Married?

Jonathan Phang has not revealed if he is married. He identifies himself as gay and is a proud member of the LGBTQ community. 

Hence, there is no confirmed report about his spouse.

Previously in an interview, he mentioned that coming out to his parents was extremely difficult for him. He had left his home at 17 after his parents found his diary.

He never fully opened up about his nature to his family until he was 40, after both of his parents passed away.

Jonathan Phang Age And Family Details

Jonathan Phang seems to be around the age of 50-55 years, although his exact date of birth is yet to confirm.

Phang was born in London, England, to Chinese-Caribbean parents and had a small family of five.

His mother was from Guyana, and his father was from China, but their names have not been made public.

Talking about his grandparents, Cyril and Maude moved to the UK in the early 1970s due to the political unrest in Guyana with just $30 in their pocket.

Jonathan also has a brother and a sister, but their names are not known as well.

He has mentioned that he grew up in a Chinese-Caribbean household in London, which led him to grow his passion and appreciation for food and cooking.

After his father’s death, Phang grew very close with her mother, and she ended up fully supporting him and the LGBTQ community.

Jonathan Phang Net Worth And Wiki Details

Jonathan’s net worth has not been confirmed, but he is a successful TV presenter and chef who has had a long career. His net worth is reportedly around $5 million.

His wiki page states that he started his career in show business as a photographer and previously worked with many mainstream models such as Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Liv Tyler, and Jerry Hall.

Phang joined as a judge on the popular show Britain’s Next Top Model, which won the award for Best Factual Programming in the RADAR Media Awards. He stayed in the front for three years as a stern judge with no-nonsense talk, making him popular amongst fans.

In 2009, Jonathan filmed a documentary for BBC One, which explained his journey and hardship to overcome his grief after surviving a national disaster 24 years earlier. The film was a critical success and helped many people addressing with disaster staying and post-traumatic stress disorder.