Jonathan Lunt: Gilbert Apartment Committee Member Accused Of Defamation By Sarah Awad

Jonathan Lunt: Gilbert Apartment Committee Member Accused Of Defamation By Sarah Awad

Jonathan Lunt, a member of the owners’ corporation committee for The Gilbert, was accused of defamation by Sarah Awad.

Jonathan Lunt is a member of the Gilbert Apartment.

Recently, he got into a dispute with Sarah Awad, the daughter of underworld figure Mick Gattoki, and it appears to be quite harsh.

In an email he wrote to five other apartment owners, Sarah was among the CC list mistakenly. Thus, she felt offended and filed a defamation complaint against Jonathan Lunt in Victoria County Court.

Let’s delve deeper into the allegations to learn more about them.

Details About Jonathan Lunt Accused

Sarah Awad, a businesswoman, has sued Jonathan Lunt, one of the owners of Gilbert Apartment, for defamation.

These issues arose solely due to an email written by Mr. Lunt to other neighborhood members regarding a broken garage door.

Ms. Awad is the only director of Maybach Investments, the sole shareholder and manager of State Owners Corp.

Further, it also operates businesses such as Preston’s Gilbert Apartment Block, as per her claim.

According to the court, Mr. Lunt’s email was critical of the contractor hired by the body corporate to repair the garage door.

For the time being, the case is running in court, where they will determine whether the lawsuit is valid or not. If it is proven then, the situation will be clear, and Jonathan will face appropriate punishment.

Jonathan Lunt Wikipedia

Jonathan Lunt has not been featured on the Wikipedia site yet.

To be more specific, other than the defamation case against him, there is no accurate information about him.

He is an apartment owner who goes about his business without drawing any attention to himself. However, all of a sudden, he’s in the spotlight, and people are talking about him.

Nevertheless, he is currently in highlights on various news channels because of his lawsuit.

If additional information becomes available about him, we will add more articles about him.

Jonathan Lunt Net Worth

Jonathan Lunt’s official net worth value has yet to be determined.

We expect him to earn enough money as an Apartment owner.

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