Who Is Jonathan Kidder? Everything To Know About The Host Of Backyard Blowout Show

Who Is Jonathan Kidder? Everything To Know About The Host Of Backyard Blowout Show

Jonathan Kidder is a popular actor and Reality Tv Show Host who is yet to feature on Wikipedia. Get to know more about the host of Backyard Blowout Show through this article.

Jonathan Kidder is an actor, puppeteer, voice actor, reality tv host, and art director. 

He is recently playing a role as Michelle Obama’s right-hand man in the children’s entertainment show, Waffles+Mochi.

Similarly, he is also set to co-host the popular Reality show Backyard Blowout which will premiere on September 16, 2021.

Jonathan Kidder Wikipedia

Jonathan Kidder is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia, despite his numerous contributions in the Tv sector as a host and actor.

Kidder is an actor and voice actor who has was involved in Love Handles (2015), Sugar Babies (2016), Lean(2014), and many more. 

Likewise, he acted as a puppeteer for films including OowieWanna, Little Bridal Shop of Horrors, and Pink Sweat. 

Jonathan has been a part of the media field as an actor and a puppeteer for a decade now, and he is a product of Viva la Puppet. 

Jonathan Kidder Age: How Old Is He?

The popular host and actor Jonathan Kidder seems to be around 35-40 years old.

But his actual age details are not available anywhere on the web as of now.

The actor was born in Oakland, California, United States. 

Jonathan Kidder Wife And Family

Jonathan Kidder has kept the information about his private life confidential and hasn’t shed light on his wife and family.

Jonathan seems to be a secretive person. Maybe Jonathan wants to keep his personal life a secret from the media. 

Kidder might be single, or in a relationship, or is engaged to a beautiful lady. In addition, he hasn’t disclosed information about his family. Also His parents used to own a flower shop. Therefore, he might have some knowledge about flowers.

However, he has made some posts about his parents on Instagram.

Find Jonathan Kidder On Instagram

Jonathan Kidder is active on Instagram and usually posts about various activities in his daily life. 

You can find the actor on Instagram with the username @jonathankidder, where he often posts about his lifestyle and keeps his fan updated. 

He has a total of 8k followers with 157 posts. Kidder seems to be a dog lover. He often posts about dogs on his Instagram, and he also owns one.