Johnny Hincapie Wikipedia: Everything To Know About NYC Subway Murder Case

Johnny Hincapie Wikipedia: Everything To Know About NYC Subway Murder Case

Twenty-five years later, Johnny Hincapie has released from jail, the victim of a false confession and wrongful prosecution. 

Johnny Hincapie 45 years old Columbian guy, was convicted of the murder of tourist Brian Watkins based on a confession in 1990.

However, he has proven himself innocent, claiming that he gave a false confession after getting beaten by a detective during the inquiry.

Now, after complete 25 years of the wrongfully arrested victim, Johnny is released, and a documentary on his life is about to be published very soon.

Johnny Hincapie Wikipedia Explored

Let’s get to know about Johnny Hincapie’s Wikipedia in detail.

A 45 years old Johnny Hincapie is a fun-loving Columbian guy.

He was involved in the field related to DJ.

But, the guy was sentenced to prison 25 years ago for the subway murder of a tourist from Utah, Brian Watkins.

Later he professed his innocence, claiming that he gave a false confession on physical torture by the detective.

According to the source, he was an aspiring dancer. Moreover, he was just 18 years old when he got imprisoned.

What Is Johnny Hincapie Net Worth?

Talking about Johnny Hincapie’s net worth, it is yet to be published.

As he was imprisoned in his teenage, he seems to have no continuous income source.

However, in recent days he works in the club as a DJ.

Talking about his family background, he got great financial support from his parents.

His father is a real estate agent, and his mother is an interior designer.

Johnny Hincapie Wife: Is He Married?

Talking about Johnny Hincapie’s wife, he constantly posts her picture on social media platforms.

However, the name of his wife is yet to be confirmed.

Where Is Johnny Hincapie Today? 

The most asked question on the webpage, Johnny Hincapie is living in Columbia.

Moreover, he is living peacefully and happily with his family. 

The victim of the 1990s case, Johnny, is also active on social media platforms.

He is available on Facebook and Twitter.

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