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John McCain is an American politician, who was born on august 29, 1936 at the coco solo naval station in Panama Canal. His father name is John s. McCain Jr. who was a naval officer and his mother name is Roberta McCain. He has an older sister, Sandy and younger brother, Joe.

McCain and his family had to travel between naval bases in America and aboard several times due to his father posting, which is why he went to nearly twenty schools. He completed his high school education at Episcopal high school in 1954 which is a private boarding school.

McCain’s father and grandfather both were high ranking officers in United States navy so following the family’s career tradition he graduated from naval academy at Annapolis in 1958 and flight school in 1960. During his stay in the academy he was showing his leadership skills in the class, spoke against bullying, became a light weight boxer his interest of subject were literature and history.

McCain was a POW (prisoner of war) in Vietnam in October 26, 1967. It happened during the outbreak if Vietnam War, where he was assigned for combat duty, he had to fly attack planes. His plane was shot by a missile over Hanoi, North Vietnam capital. His both arms and one leg was broken when he crashed and fell into the Truc Bach lake. He was taken in control by his captors and moved to Hanoi lo prison where he was known as Hanoi Hilton. He was beaten and interrogated despite his wounds needed immediate medical attention. Later his captors found out he was the son of high ranking officers and then treated him.

Because of his connection with his father he was offered an early release but he refused the offer. He did not want to violate the military code of conduct. He was transferred in various prison camps followed by solitary confinement and torturing and beating. On March 14, 1973 he and other American POWs were released. After his release with the Silver Star, Purple Heart and flying cross.

McCain injuries had left him permanently impaired so, he started working as a naval liaison for U.S. senate. His second wife Cindy Hensley’s father owned a beer distribution company. He worked as a public relation officer after he left U.S. naval. Working for his father in law’s beer company helped him to establish connection in politics. He is having a very good salary and net worth.

In November 2, 1982he was elected to political office for the first time and he tasted victory and won a seat in the U.S. house of representative because of his popularity as an ex-POW. He was re-elected in 1984. After the retirement of long-time Arizona senator Barry Goldwater, he was elected as U.S. senator of Arizona in 1986. He was re-elected for three times as U.S. senator of Arizona.