Who Is John Cusimano? Wikipedia Bio And Age Details Of The Actor

Actor, singer and producer, John Cusimano
Actor, singer and producer, John Cusimano( Source : webofbio )

John Cusimano is a famous American singer, producer, and actor best known for his celebrity wife, Rachel Ray, who recently shared their secret to a long, happy marriage.

Cusimano has been in the film industry since the very early days dating back to 1982 when he appeared in the movie Word War Mud.

He is better known for his appearance with his wife, Rachel Ray, in her reality TV series. Let us learn about the actor, his career and upbringing, family background, age, celebrity wife, married life, and his net worth.

Who Is John Cusimano? Actor And Singer

John Cusimano may be known for his status as a celebrity chef, Rachel Ray's husband, but the man made his name at a young age back in the day.

Cusimano starred in a movie back in the day named World War Mud and later even went on to produce the famous Rurouni Kenshin series in 1996.

Apart from his acting skills in Crashing, a 2017 HBO series as John Cusimano, the actor can also sing. He is in a rock band named The Cringe with three other members: James Rotondi, Jonny Blaze, and Shawn Pelton.

Actor and lead singer of the band, The Cringe, John Cusimano
Actor and lead singer of the band, The Cringe, John Cusimano ( Source : i )

John is the band's lead singer, and the New York-based band has some great hits with three full-length albums. However, singing is not the primary occupation of the actor as he is a lawyer by profession.

With so many talents and skills, no wonder he won the chef's heart and managed to keep her happy for the past 17 years.

John Cusimano's Age Revealed

Born on August 19, 1967, John Cusimano turned 55 years of age this year. He was born in Long Island, New York, and is of Italian descent as his grandfather and grandmother are from Italy while one of his grandparents is from Spain.

Despite his passion for music and having the skills for Berklee College of Music to accept him, Cusimano decided to follow his parent's wishes and graduated from the State University of New York.

Later he attended Law School, passing the bar exam for New Jersey and New York.

The actor kept working as an entertainment lawyer in New York City, fulfilling his parents' dreams and putting aside his love for music.

The Actor's Celebrity Wife, Rachel Ray

As John was working as an entertainment lawyer in New York, he met the love of his life, his now-wife, Rachel Ray. After dating for a few years, the chef and the lawyer decided to get married in 2005 at Tuscany's Castello di Velona in Italy.

John Cusimano and his wife, Rachel Ray
John Cusimano and his wife, Rachel Ray ( Source : people )

Rachel Ray is a celebrity chef with her show about lifestyle and cooking and even a talk show. The TV personality won the public's hearts and soon became one of the most popular and beloved individuals on Television.

After marrying Rachel, John decided to give his passion and dream a second chance and started performing with his band, The Cringe, as the band's lead singer.

Despite having a career in law, he also gave his utmost efforts to his music. Alongside his wife, Cusimano has appeared in many reality TV shows and documentaries.

John Cusimano's Net Worth In 2022

According to Celebrity Net Worth, John Cusimano has an estimated net worth of $10 million from his career as a singer, actor, producer, and lawyer.

The multitalented personality has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and now with his wife, he appears in many shows on Television.

John Cusimano with his band members in 2015
John Cusimano with his band members in 2015 ( Source : instagram )

Apart from his acting career and appearances on reality shows, he has a successful music career with his band with three full-length albums.

Also, his main occupation is a lawyer, and John has been working as a lawyer for more than 15 years now, so it is not surprising for him to have accumulated such a vast net worth.

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