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Joe Biden is an American politician who was born in November 20, 1942. His father name is Joseph Biden Sr. and mother name is Catherine Biden. His father worked as a cleaning house hold heating system and second-hand cars salesman. He grew up in north Pennsylvania.

Biden went to St. Paul’s elementary school located in Scranton. In 1955 Biden and his family moved to Mayfield, Delaware. Biden graduated from Archmere Academy in 1961. As his father’s salary was not enough to pay for his tuition fee he helped along doing some odd jobs such as washing the windows and weeding the gardens. Despite small height he was an excellent receiver on the football team. He attended university of Delaware where he studied history and political science. He also played in the university’s football team. He met Neille Hunter while he was in Bahamas for spring break. Hunter was a student at Syrause University, which is why he wanted to join the same university. After graduating from university of Delaware he went to Syracuse University where he was an average law student.

Biden moved to Wilmington to practice law after he completed his law education from Syracuse. He joined a democratic party there and became an active member. He was elected to the new castle city council. He started his own law firm in 1971. 1n 1972 Delaware Democratic Party encouraged him to compete against republican J. Caleb Boggs for the U.S. senate. His campaign was mostly organized by family member where his parent was very active and his sister Valerie Biden was his campaign manager. He won the election and became the fifth youngest U.S. senator in nation’s history. He was 29 years old.

Biden decided to run for presidency in 1987 but due to his health problem he withdrew his decision. In 2007 he ran a campaign for U.S. president election but he failed to create an impact in the people. He was running against Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. Later Obama choose Biden for the nominee for vice-president as his running mate. They debated against John McCain and Sarah Palin on November 2, 2008. On January 20 2009 Obama became the 44th U.S. president and Biden became the 47th vice-president. Obama and Biden again ran for re-election against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. During the re-election he had heavy schedule of appearances where his speech amazed the media. Romney and Ryan got defeated in 2012 election which made Obama president and Biden vice-president for the second time. His salary is $230,700 and net worth $500 thousand.

Biden lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident. The accident occurred a week before Christmas in 1972. His wife and his children were driving to shop for Christmas tree. His two sons were seriously injured. He had taken the oath of office in his son’s hospital room. He got married with Jill Biden in 1977. They have a daughter Ashley born in 1981.

Joe Biden is also known as a gaffe machine as he is always making gaffes while debating or talking with media. More of his personal life and political career can be accessed through wiki.