How Much Is Jodi Grollo Net Worth? Details To Know About

How Much Is Jodi Grollo Net Worth? Details To Know About

Jodi Grollo’s net worth is missing, but she is the daughter of a multimillionaire. Let’s learn more about her.

Jodi Grollo is the daughter of billionaire, Bruce Mathieson.

Last year, Jodi Grollo became famous as Karen from Brighton after complaining about strolling the same streets in the wealthy bayside area.

Further, she rose to social media fame after an interview on Nine News during last year’s lockdown.

What Is Jodi Grollo Net Worth?

We are still unsure about Jodi Grollo’s net worth as of now.

She might have earned decent assets and revenue from her career.

Nonetheless, Grollo’s father is one of the wealthiest people in the state, with an estimated worth of $870 million in 2019.

Thus, her exact net worth is not officially confirmed and is still under review.

Jodi Grollo Husband – Is She Married?

Jodi Grollo is married to her husband, Ginnai Grollo.

Gianni Grollo, her husband, is likewise well-off, as he is connected to construction and real estate moguls Bruno and Rino Grollo.

Furthermore, she has not shared much information about her marriage as of now.

Jodi Grollo Family – Father And Mother Details 

When it comes to Jodi Grollo’s family, she was born to her father and mother Bruce and Jill Mathieson.

Jodi has two siblings. We only know only of her brother i.e. Bruce Mathieson Jr. However, the details of the other sibling are confidential for now.

Likewise, there is no such detailed information about her mother, Jill Mathieson. The ALH Group’s Director is Bruce Mathieson. He was formerly the CEO of the company.

Since 1974, Bruce has purchased, refurbished, operated, and sold hotels all around Australia.

Jodi’s father has ruled the poker and hotel industries in the nation for more than four decades.

The Mathieson family was poor before entering this industry, thus Bruce had to work many jobs to make ends meet.

Bruce Mathieson Jr. just paid an astonishing $11.6 million for one of Gold Coast’s most costly and opulent oceanfront residences.

Is Jodi Grollo On Instagram?

Jodi Grollo is available on Instagram under the handle @karenfrombrighton3186.

She has over 500 followers and has shared only 3 posts on her account.

Therefore, it seems like she is not a social media person.

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