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Jim Cantore Wife: Know More About his Age, Net Worth and Salary
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As most of the expertise in showbiz and a trendsetting example of our times, Jim Cantore with his breakthrough achievements in displaying the severity of the Weather is a well-known television anchor.

When it is TWC and if he is on screen then the world gets the better view of the Weather as it is in reality. Functioning by being on the site, he delivers the real ongoing phenomena to his audiences. Making them aware of the weather patterns, the devastation caused by it and safety precautions to save lives affected.


Born in February 16, 1964 in Beacon Falls of the Connecticut province in United States, Jim was raised in a supportive family who never interfered in his indulgence to nature from his early age. With his musical interests in Jimmy Buffet and Nickelback to name the few, he spent his early days in White River Junction in Vermont. He is a graduate from Lyndon State Collage, which he completed in 1986, the same year when he prospered as an intern for his first job as a weather forecaster in The Weather Channel. From his looks back in his college days, he got a nickname Rocky, which apprehended likely for him to be starting his dream career. With a fascinating appearance and infatuating hot persona it was rumored as anytime he appeared shirtless the chances of rainfall was 60% to be a true forecast.


He recalls the first day of his job in a small building and a small newsroom affiliated by dialing radars and some casual satellite pictures as it was back in those days. Starting as a hunk in a small newsroom, it did not took him long to hit the roads. Forecasting and reporting weather where it actually happened, he got the ratings of the channel up.


A pure struggler and a brave reporter, his breakthrough reporting of the severe hurricanes and tornados occurred in the United States caved him with the fame of a Hurricane Hunter. A meteorologist and a Weather news Reporter in profession, he covered the most devastating weather casualties. The category 5 hurricanes like the Andrews, Katrina gave him the fame of the bravest of all time reporters. Gustav, Isabel, Floyd, Rita, Mitch, Bonnie, Sandy and Irene, the disastrous weather events occurred in the States field reported by him to name the few of his extravagance. His another achievements in reporting the Winter X Games, PGA tournaments and most promising the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery are just the few apart from acting as narrator and a Television show host.


In 2002, he was awarded the prestigious NOAA. He also has his name bestowed in the AMS television seal of Approval and is a member of National Weather Association. Being a social contributor in the field of landscapes, weather reporting and meteorology, he is famed by American Meteorological Society membership.


The best of his kind, regarded the rock star of meteorology, Jim Cantore love life started meeting Tamara Cantore in the place where he first got his job, the TWC. They soon got married and the couple has two siblings. Christina the daughter born in 1993 and son Ben had born two years later in 1995. The couple with so much of love had to go with a tragedy as Tamara his wife had Parkinson’s disease, which also led both his siblings with Fragile X syndrome. This also led to speculative rumors about him being a gay, which was not true in any circumstance. The couple parted their ways and got divorced in 2007.


His social contribution includes helping the helpless by spreading a message people helping people, giving first priority in the humanitarian efforts by contributing in Make A Wish Foundation, Michael J Fox Foundation and giving away most of his beneficiary for the research and cure of the disease possessed by his wife and his children, FRAXA and Parkinson Unity Walk. His endless support in humanitarian efforts also includes him as a member in United States Red Cross.


His empowering the nationwide campaigns of onsite weather reporting got appreciated most for the Tornado outbreak categorized five, Katrina in 2011. He firmly reacted to disaster as the country outrageously and embarrassingly could have done more in rescue and support campaigns. His 25 years of reporting career and a net worth salary amounting $2 million dollars was all worth the hardship. The coverage of his best career moments of interviewing a naked cowboy in 1992, hurricane Florence in 2006, hurricane Ike in 2008 and encountering a thunder snow in IL in 2011. Most of which could have been lethal to him. The flying debris encounter, accelerating 70 mile/hour wind of Florence could never make him rest as he still dazzlingly hot and strong, appreciated and famed celebrity worldwide. The bio and more information relating him can be found all over the net, through wiki, Facebook and twitter.