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The very talented and gorgeous, Jill Brown is a well known Meteorologist of the United States of America. She is enrolled with the CNN for weather reporting and forecasting. Working with severe climatic conditions and weather patterns has always been her passion and hobby. She loves her work and it shows on the way she depicts it on the television screen. Be it the forecasting of hazardous weather of reporting, she has been accepted as one of the most prominent meteorologist of her times. Her hot and toned up physique and her talented outbursts of her analytical reporting about the weather is all evenly placed. Her career throughout has been a successful one and she deserves it all.


Born in Wooster, Ohio Brown had the love for the nature and its changing phenomena. She always took a deep interests in the field of meteorology and has been fond of it ever since. An American nationality holder, she was brought up in Wooster where she was born. Her early studies were much interested in aviation and science of motion. She earned her graduation in B.S from the Ohio State University in Aviation Engineering. She also was enrolled in Atmospheric Science and completed it, while she was doing her Aviation studies.


Her determination of going onscreen came from her early stage. She after completion of her studies she was willing to get a job. Her talent in weather science bagged her job of Graphic specialist in The Weather Channel in 1986. Her career was in a verge of a start off and she had the will of guiding it in a perfect place. She was a fast learner and her link up with the channel professionalized her reporting, radio broadcasting and editorial skills. She then went to become an anchor in WFSB-TV based in Hartford of the Connecticut province. She also got the live experience of chasing storms and being in the actual location of the area where the storm was to hit. Her coverage of the weather reporting was influentially appreciated by the mass.  The outgoing and vivacious Brown led her way through the weather forecasting by changing station to station. She was called back to join The Weather Channel after 2 years working for the WFSB-TV. Her new takeover in TWC fetched her to become a senior meteorologist in the channel. She was not convinced to her approach in television stations and this led her to change her working place quite sudden. The sudden changes of working stations though did not take a toll and she joined CNN in 2006. Taking her career expansion to different level, she had perfect timings in relocating herself back to the CNN network in 2012.


She has been an influential weather reporter throughout her career and went on to be honored by American Meteorologists Society and the National Weather Association. Her acknowledgements and awards was credential in stepping up her career enhancement. A promising weather analyst, who is much talked about celebrity of the television industry, had her terms of highs and lows. She gradually stood up and found an evidently perfect stabilizing spot in the small screen to make her mark.


With so many accords to her name, her fame had no stepping back. She though had so much of career options stayed with the weather forecasting, which did made her fortunes. Her salary often was enhanced wherever she approached and her net worth is believed to be worth her struggle.


Her greatly poised body and her gorgeous looking physique made an everlasting impact in the eyes of the audience. She with her scintillating eyes and slender long legs, ruled the weather forecasting for many of the years and will stay on for much more. She has the perfect ability to charm the viewers with her way of improvising the screen presentation. Sometimes she took off to the live coverage scenario and shocked the audience.


Jill Brown video footage of storm chasing hit many views and likes on YouTube. She is said to be single and much about her relationship status is unknown. She is not a married woman and the speculations regarding her staying with a husband or divorce is still fake information delivered to the media. Her impressing personality is beyond her age and keeps getting better. The complete biography of this well-known dame is not published yet. Neither in wikipedia or any other sites but her Facebook fan page and Twitter account delivers her socializing streams.