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10 Facts You Must Know About Below Deck’s Jenna MacGillivray
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Jenna MacGillivray is the newest cast for the latest season of Below Deck spin-off, Below Deck Sailing Yacht. We can see her as the Chief Stew Stewardess on Bravo TV’s show.

Even though Jenna is new to Below Deck, she has been making others feel her presence as Chief Stew. As she says, she does not like to make people feel bad, but once she feels she has to, people will need to stay away from her.

The show, Below Deck Sailing Yacht premiered on the 3rd of February 2020. Now, we can get to know Jenna better and learn how she tackles different situations on the show.

Jenna MacGillivray is a Reality-Tv star from Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Until this date, Jenna MacGillivray had been away from the reality television world. She embarked on her journey of television through the show Below Deck Sailing Yacht. So, as of yet, Jenna MacGillivray is not on Wikipedia.

But with the show in her hand, fans are all excited to know as much as possible about her. Likewise, even we hope to find out more information about this bold lady sooner.

10 Facts You Must Know About Below Deck’s Jenna MacGillivray

  • Jenna MacGillivray was born in Canada: Jenna is, in fact, is a Canadian by nationality. She was born there.
  • Jenna celebrates her birthday in December: Jenna MacGillivray celebrates her birthday on the 11th of December every year.
  • Jenna must be in her early 30s: We assume that Jenna must be running in her early 30s. However, the actual age of this new reality television star is not available.
  • Jenna MacGillivray is unmarried: As of yet, bold and beautiful Jenna MacGillivray is unmarried and her relationship status is also not public.
  • Jenna did not always want her career in yachting:  Jenna MacGillivray had not planned yachting as her career. But she finally decided to work on the yacht after the addiction to traveling and the lifestyle it offered.
  • Jenna MacGillivray Has Not Been in Reality TV Shows Before Below Deck: Jenna is the newest face to the world of reality television shows. And, she started off with the Bravo TV’s hit franchise Below Deck.
  • She went aboard her first yacht in 2004:  Her first experience of going on a yacht was in 2004. And, as we can see now, she has not looked back since then.
  • She took a break from her yacht job to become a social worker: Jenna took a short break from her job for a change and became a social worker. But, she returned back to her job shortly after she started missing her yachtie life.
  • Jenna is fun but strict at her job: Jenna could be fun around her colleagues but is strict at the same time. She shows the strict side of her when her crew members fail to maintain standards at their job.
  • Jenna is on Instagram: You can find Jenna on Instagram  as @jennathemac

Jenna and Crush co-star Adam Glick

Jenna MacGillivray is not married and supposedly does not have a boyfriend. However, rumors are that she is crushing over her co-star from Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Adam Glick. Though, none of them has accepted the rumor.

Adam Glick is also a new member of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. However, he had appeared in the 2 seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean in the past.