Who Is Jean Michel Dufaux Conjointe? Everything To Know About

Who Is Jean Michel Dufaux Conjointe? Everything To Know About

Read the article below to gather some information on Jean-Michel Dufaux, a Canadian Actor. Let us learn if Jean-Michel Dufaux has a conjointe or not.

Jean Michel Dufaux is a Quebec comedian, presenter, columnist, author, and photographer.

Jean earned a diploma in political science from the University of Montreal in 1986 and a Bachelor of Arts in 1989 from McGill University.

He co-hosted the variety show C’est Chaud alongside Mitsou in the summer of 1995.

From 1996 to 1998, he was in charge of TVA’s Funny video, and from 2002 to 2002, he was in charge of TQS 2’s Testosterone.

And from 2005 to 2008, he was a cultural writer on Radio-summer Canada’s programming program Des kiwis et des Hommes.

Jean Michel Dufaux Conjointe: Is He Married?

Jean Michel Dufaux doesn’t have a conjointe as of now.

He seems to be single and happy.

There no posts about his girlfriend or spouse on his social media.

If he had one, he would have mentioned it somewhere.

Jean Michel Dufaux Age And Wikipedia

Jean Michel Dufaux’s age is 55 years old.

He was born in 1966 in Montreal, Canada.

Jean is the youngest son of Georges Dufaux, a French documentary filmmaker.

However, his mother is unknown till now.

Jean-Michel Dufaux’s small bio can be found on Wikipedia.

Dufaux also acquired writing training at the École Nationale de comedy in 1990.

Jean is most recognized for his work as a television personality.

What Is Jean Michel Dufaux Net Worth?

Jean Michel Dufaux’s net worth is $18 Million, according to The Net Worth Post.

However, his detailed income and salary are unknown to us.

Meet Jean Michel Dufaux On IG

Yes, Jean Michel Dufaux is active on IG.

We can see that his feed is very pleasing with all the photos of nature and beautiful places.

He currently has 17.4k followers and 2k posts.

His username is @jmdufaux.

Jean is also active on Twitter, where he has 29.3k followers.

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