Jayda Fink Wikipedia: Everything On Her Parents Age And Instagram Bio

Jayda Fink Wikipedia: Everything On Her Parents Age And Instagram Bio

Jayda Fink is an American actress who has work in the most anticipated movies. Even though she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of her own, let’s know more about her.

Jayda fink has worked in the best-anticipated movies, alongside the best actors Keanu Reeves and Jason Momoa. She started her career in a brief span of her life.

She is known as the actress in the movie Bad Batch. Bad Batch is a horror and action, and mystery genre movie released in 2016. Jayda Fink has the role of Jason Momoa’s daughter, who gets lost inside a jail in America.

Keanu Reeves takes the hostage of Jayda Fink, and Suki Waterhouse character Arlen helps Jayda Fink for a rescue.

This movie has got 5.3 IMDb rating. The director of this movie is Ana Lily Amirpour, who is also a writer.

Name Jayda Fink
Age 13-14
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single Single

Does Jayda Fink Have A Wikipedia?

Jayda Finks is a new child actress who doesn’t have a Wikipedia as of now.

She started her career as a model, and later she ventured into the showbiz industry. There is also no information about her as a childhood. Similarly, we could not find any data about her real parents. 

Everything in her personal life remains secret as of now.

She has worked on only two movies of Hollywood. They are “The Bad Batch,” released in 2016. And in “Under the Bed,” released in 2015.

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How Old Is Jayda Fink?

Jayda Fink seems to fall in the age range of 10-15 years old.

His exact date of born is not revealed. We assumed the age range based on her movie and the photos she has worked on. 

She has worked alongside famous actors.

Jayda Fink Instagram and Other Social Media

Jayda Fink is a child, so she is not available on any social media sites.

There is no information about her Instagram and her Facebook or Twitter.

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