Jana Pittman and Partner Paul Gatward Age Difference, Is She Pregnant?

Jana Pittman and Partner Paul Gatward Age Difference, Is She Pregnant?

Jana Pittman, an athlete, tied the knot with her partner Paul Gatward, a businessman; the couple with fourteen years age difference is expecting twins. 

Paul Gatward married Jeena Pittman, his current spouse, at a private ceremony. The couple exchanged the ring with their little family and close friends.

The passionate duo keeps their personal lives hidden from prying eyes. There is no valid information on when or where they initially met.

Furthermore, the couple is raising their four children joyfully.

How old is Paul Gatward?

Paul Gatward is a 53-year-old man.

Even though Gatward’s precise birthdate is still unknown to the general public, sources have established that he is 53 years old.

He married Jana Pittman, who is now 39 years old, and the couple appears to be pleased in their relationship, as they want to try new things together.

Paul Gatward Wikipedia Details

Paul Gatward has no Wikipedia page as of now.

Gatward is a businessman who rose to prominence after marrying Jana Pittman, an Australian athlete.

Paul has yet to speak to the press. 

Gatward appears to be a private individual who prefers to keep his personal life hidden from the public eye.

He is a regular Sydney businessman who prefers to go about his job rather than brag about himself on social media.

As a result, there isn’t enough information on his background on the internet.

Paul Gatward Family

Paul Gatward’s wife, Jana Pittman, is an Australian athlete specializing in 400-meter run and 400-meter hurdles sports.

Charles, the couple’s lovely kid, was born in December 2020. Few months before she gave birth, Paul married Jana in a secret ceremony.

His wife and four children now make up their family of six. Gatward and his wife welcomed their first child, Charles, into the world and wanted more in the future.

Jana’s two daughters, Emily and Jemima, were conceived using IVF and an anonymous sperm donor. Her first marriage, Chris Rawlinson, gave her a 14-year-old son, Cornelis.

Is Jana Pittman Pregnant? – Children pregnancy news

Jana Pittman, a former Olympian and SAS Australia star has announced that she is expecting twins.

Pittman already has four children: sons Cornelis, 14, and Charlie, 11 months, and girls Emily, six, and Jemima, four, became pregnant shortly after filming on the grueling Seven reality series finished.

Eleven weeks pregnant, Pittman shared the happy news with her new husband, finance lawyer Paul Gatward.

Pittman, 38, now a junior doctor, claimed she tried to hide her pregnancy at first, but acute morning sickness forced her to tell her bosses. She even admitted that she had vomited during a cesarean section.