Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer is an American politician and is currently the governor of Arizona. She was born on September 26, 1944 (age 68) in Hollywood California. Her birth name is Janice Kay Drinkwine. Her mother name is Edna C. and father’s Perry Wilford Drinkwine who was a civilian supervisor at Hawthorne army depot in Hawthorne Nevada. Later Perry expired due to lung disease which was caused by the exposure to the chemical while he was at service in the depot. Her age was 11 when her father died.

Brewer went to Verdugo hills high school and graduated in 1962. She is certified radiological technologist from Glendale community college.

Brewer was in the Arizonian House of Representatives for three years and ran for Arizona senate. She won the election and was in the senate office for seven years. She was assigned the post of the senior leadership position of majority whip from 1993 to 1996. She was the chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in 1996 and served for six years. She won the election for Secretary of State of Arizona and won the election and in the secretary office in January 7, 2003.   

During the governorship of Janet Napolitano, Brewer replaced her because Napolitano was chosen as Secretary of Homeland Security in the United States Cabinet by President Barack Obama. She assumed the governor office in January 21, 2009.

Brewer has signed a bill according to which people in the Arizona State can carry guns (until it is hidden) in bars and restaurant and the carrier are not supposed to take any kind of alcoholic beverages. She signed to remove the state children’s health insurance program from the 2011 legislative budget. She is against gay marriage.

Brewer is against illegal immigrations in United States. She have signed a bill on may 2, 2011 for border fence to be made between Arizona and Mexico which later turned out to be an important step in complying border security. When the federal government had given $10 million in July 11, 2010 for the Arizona education instead she used a huge amount of it for the border security. 

Brewer married John Brewer in 1970. They had three sons together of which one son has died of cancer in 2007 and another son was accused of raping a women from phoenix but was found not to be guilty and is currently is a psychiatric patient in Arizona state hospital since 23 years.

Brewer has written Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America's Border, which was published November 2011.

Brewer’s elections official email address and quotes can be obtained from wiki and her official website.