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Born in Jewish family to father Stuart Luner and actress mother Susan, Jamie is an American actress of net worth $5 million.

Started her career from Just the 10 of us, where she portrayed a hot but dizzy character. She won L.A. Shakespeare Festival under categories of monologue in just 15 year of age. She then was guest starred in Growing Pains. She reappeared in TV in 1993”Why My Daughter?” This reappearance of hers led her to do the hit Confessions of Sorority Girls in 1994. She was then casted in a primetime soap-opera Savannah in 1996. She also appeared in Melrose Place as one of the major character. In 1999, she replaced Amy Walker on Profiler but the show was cancelled at its fourth season end. She also made guest appearances on The Outer Limits, CSI: Miami, That’s Life and 10:8 Officers on Duty. She also was featured in the film Sacrifice. She appeared in the film Threshold in 2003 and was also featured in four TV movies; The suspect, Blind Injustice, Stranger in my Bed and The Perfect Marriage on 2005. She was seen as Susan in Black and Bluestein;2007 released comedy film. 2009 saw Luner in All My Children but due to the cancellation of the show in 2011, she starred in Walking the Halls, The Perfect Boss and Stalked in 17. She also has been appearing in guest roles on Supernatural and Criminal Mind.

Luner was engaged with her boyfriend John Braz in 1995 but called off her relation in 1999. She is not married yet and is absolutely single at present. Shortly turned chef in French restaurant, Luner is one of the hot celebrities even at the age of 42. Her beautifully toned feet are always spreading her magic around.

Highly praised for her roles and harmony with Lifetime Movies, Luner is massively followed in twitter and read in wiki.