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James Veitch Wife, Married, Net Worth, Age, Ethnicity, Wiki, Family, Parents
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James Veitch is a British Comedian. He is popular for his humorous content in standup comedy and TED talks. Moreover, he has been one of the influencing personality who knows how to relate to people with his humor.

One of his most popular TED talk reflects his interaction with the author of spam email. He was able to ake many people laugh with that.

James Veitch is not a married man. There is also no information about his girlfriend/partner

James is possibly single at present. For the fact, he has not married anyone as of now. However, he could be dating somebody. But, this information is also not available on the internet.

So, we can say that James’ relationship status is under review. I wonder, how much happier would he make his partner with his humor and charm.

The net worth of James Veitch is under review

James has been a comedian for a long time. He has appeared in a few talk shows and been on a number of tours in different parts of the world. Along with this, he has released a number of comedy videos on YouTube.

With some years of experience on TEDtalks and stand-up comedy, he must have a good earning. Also, his content is liked by many since they are entertaining as well as respectful.

So, although the information on his net worth is not available on the internet, we expect that it is more than 1 Million dollars.

James Veitch is 38 years old

James was born on April Fools Day. He celebrates his birthday on the 1st of April every year. He is an adult of 38 years old now who is making a lot of people laugh with a simple expression of words.

James is a British

Though a lot of personal information about James is not available, it won’t be hard to say that he is a British. He has a perfect British accent with British facial features. Long and slender nose, fair complexion and a pair of Blue-Green eyes are the special features on his face.

James’ Wiki

This comedian of 38 has a Wikipedia page on his name. He was born in 1981 in Britain. He went to Sarah Lawrence College for his college studies and graduated from there. Thereafter, he went to the Univesity of Aberdeen for his further studies.

Soon after completing his studies, he started working as a film editor in the movie, Papa Joe. But these kinds of works couldn’t bind him for long.

Hence, he jumped into the career of standup comedy. He did his first solo standup comedy show in 2014. “The Fundamental Interconnectedness of Everyone With an Internet Connection” was his first show. This show ran in different parts of England.

After that, he never looked back. He writes his own scripts and delivers them in front of the audiences. He has also appeared on a talk show named Conan.

About James’ family and parents

Although there is not enough information about his family and parents, he is often seen traveling in between England, London and New York. He must meet his family members during that time.

Nevertheless, we can see a picture of a beautiful baby girl often on his Instagram. The baby girl that he enjoys his time with is his niece. He seems to have a very beautiful relationship with her.

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