Jake Gyllenhaal

The amiable and considerably hot American actor Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal famous by the name Jake Gyllenhaal was born on 19 December 1980 at Los Angeles, California. Being a son of Stephen Gyllenhaal, a director and Naomi Foner, a screenwriter, he had untimely contact to show biz which led him to live through success at the early age of his career pursuing the accomplishment with his breakthrough role as child artist in the movie Donnie Darko. The absolute head turner Gyllenhaal later had prominent roles screened under big banners films such as sci-fi The Day after Tomorrow and Jarhead. Jake holds American nationality and belongs to well celebrated Hollywood families of English, Swedish and Jewish ethnicity. His other instant family includes elder sister Maggie who is a renowned actress and brother in law Peter Sarsgaard, also an actor. Gyllenhaal had many hands on his head of respective individuals in his life whom he considers as a godmother and godfather. JamieLee Curtis (godmother) has provided him sorts of maturity and uniqueness in his mannerism and Jake has over and again explained about his godfathers being a gay couple. Gyllenhaal himself stands as being a godfather of Matilda Rode Ledger. As a child, due to continuous visits in the sets of filmmaking under controlled by his father, he developed certain curiosity in film line and later his fine time interest turned out to be a passionate career. Gyllenhaal completed his schooling levels from Harvard- Westlake School in Los Angeles and later went to Columbia University. Though he intended to acquire the degree from the University but he eventually left the University to pursue his career in acting.


Career and Growth

He initially played a lead part in October Sky in 1999 characterizing the young man from West Virgina struggling to achieve a scholarship in science. Gyllenhaal's notable performance in the movie was appreciated by many mainly critics reviewing as his "breakout performance". After he successfully placed his stature in an A – list celebrities of Hollywood with his role in several sovereign films including Donnie Darko, he was signed by big production houses that released 2004's sci-fi fiction The Day after Tomorrow and 2005's Jarhead with him. In the same year he accomplished worthy Oscar nomination for the Best Actor in Supporting Role. Later he came up with several commercially success movies including crime thriller Zodiac, fantasy flick Price of Persia: The Sands of Time and sci-fi drama Source Code which enchanter at the box office. His role in Price of Persia especially attracted youth audiences the most. As of 2011, Jake's net worth is reportedly valued at $ 65 million which has considerably made him live a classy life. Although Jake is not very fanciful lest of luxurious expenditure, he previously touted to invest a colossal amount of $165000 to reserve the private jet for him and his girlfriend Taylor Swift during their tour from U.S to United Kingdom.


Personal life

Jake Gyllenhaal had several glitzy relationships with high-flying Hollywood actresses. He was thoroughly seen dating with Keisten Dunst and this relation steamed the celluloid for over two years. Later, in 2007 he invested his romantic emotion with actress Reese Witherspoon for two years. During those years this eligible hunk was often captured spending vacations with his girlfriend Reese in some of the exotic beach destinations going completely shirtless showing of his perfectly toned beach body in sunbathing photographs. Next was the sensational heartthrob Taylor Swift whom he dated for couple of months back in 2010. He is enjoying his prime time off screen romance living a spinster life and hasn’t made any announcement to get married yet.


He’s got great looks allied with tall built with the height of 1.8m. All thanks to his strict diet plans and daily work outs at gym that led him to acquire the perfect body shape which hardly any women wouldn't seems to relinquish. He’s got fair skin tone and neat appearance which makes him smoking hot. It’s therefore no surprise that female fans go crazy about his hotness quotient. Not only he has tremendous female fan following across the world but he's also got significant attention through bisexual men as for the fact he was once ranked number 1 in “AfterElton.com Hot 100 List" polled by gay men communities. Prince of Persia famed star Gyllenhaal has spend some of his riches to purchase lavish house at L.A and to bring some of the gorgeous auto machines including beloved black Audi Q7 back home.


Awards, Achievements and Donations

Jake Gyllenhaal reasonably the most opinionated vigorous young actors in industry at the moment and he denotes large amount of funds to the charities supported by him. Gyllenhaal provides wealth of approximately $400 to the Future Forests program every year which is in process of planning for the developments of forest in Mozambique.


Most of his personal bio including his career and growth, his experiences and facts regarding his personal life can more likely fetched from wiki. He is seen active in micro blogging sites such as twitter and facebook responding to his fan’s reviews and posts.