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The hot and sensual weathercaster of the American television industry, Jacqueline Johnson aka Jackie is well-known television personality. She has the charisma of the super gorgeous dame and a personality of a matured celebrity figure carried around well with a mixture of toxicology at her e very glance. The super stunning body features with gorgeously built physique and a killer eye patches she has them all. It is not just the looks that fetch her fame of the celebrity but her wide acclaimed talent of presentation and reporting of the weather through television has garnered her huge amount of appreciation and fan followings. A weather analyst, radio jockey and television personality in profession she also does acting and has portrayed herself in a real life scenario playing as a news anchor for the movie Battleship.


She headed down from heavens and landed on earth in January 23 of 1978 at Plymouth, Michigan of the United States of America. From her early childhood, this angelic dame was propounded to the field of acting and communicating. Her speaking skills and interpretation were fabulously commendable and it led her to the dream career he wanted later. She was fond of nature and its ever-changing phenomena, which made her take meteorology as her sustaining subject. She was a student of University of South Alabama majoring on meteorology and completed her graduation from Middle Tennessee State University directed on Broadcast Journalism.


After the completion if her graduation she moved to Florida to find herself a job. She landed as a journalist reporting on weather and anchoring the how bouts of the climatic conditions for WCTV-TV based in Tallahassee. Her recruitment as an anchor for the network led her to the world of television. She then moved to WSVN-TV based in Miami where she perfected her reporting and weather forecasting skills. Her magnificently toned body and her exceptionally dignifying on-screen enigma with a cute divine face and long slender dazzling legs,  featured a sense of extra ordinary balance to the weather network and even when the weather was going gross, her mere presence in the screen made it better for the audience. She has influential charisma that simply could astound every one. She had rendered her responsibility to many television networks in her career ever expanding. In this course, she appeared as weather analyst and forecaster for KCAL 9 News doing her primetime anchoring. She stayed in the network until 2010 and got approached by KCBS-TV based in Los Angeles, California as a weathercaster and analyst reporter. She along with updating the weather scenario has also given time to her radio based reporting of the climatic changes from KNX1070 based in Los Angeles. Her beautifully audible clear tone of voice mesmerizes the radio audience and her bold and enigmatic television presence fascinates the television viewers. In every way, this dame is one of the best-dressed and best-looking anchor or television celebrity of the American Television industry.


Her looks and physique did not bind her on televised weather anchoring only; it also landed her in movies as an actress. She had done well with her career transcend and had appeared in several of television series and movies. She played a role of a news reporter, anchoring her self-image in the movie faculty in the film Battleship and has garnered enthusiastic reviews for her portrayal. There can be no guessing of this super talented and hot face of the television to make it big on the movie scale, as it is obvious for her screen presence and her ability to mesmerize. Her unique blend of clothing and scintillating wardrobe selection outclasses her counterparts. In her entire course of period in television and other media, she has grown younger with her growing age and there seems no need for her to get a plastic surgery or any transplants as she is naturally born beautiful. Her breakthrough reporting and long running career has endorsed her with sustainable amount of salary, as her net worth is believed to be crossing over $750,000 making it suitably expressive to her lifestyle.


Jacqueline Johnson tied the knot with John Kidd and the couple is happily married. Her husband is a former NFL game maker in 2011. The couple has not confirmed about their children yet and there are no facts for them to getting divorce any sooner. The credibly apprehended blonde-haired woman, standing 5.6 feet tall has her height of fame way up than foreseeable by any of her counterparts. She can be followed in Twitter and information about her triumphs and feats are summarized in wiki.