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Paul Jackson Pollock popularly called Jackson Pollock was a famous American  painter. He was a major person in the movement of abstract expressionist. He was famous for his unique drip painting style. Pollock was successful in life; he was a major painter of his generation. He suffered from alcoholism for most period of his life. In 1945, Pollock married Lee Krasner, an artist, who became his inspiration on his legacy and career. When he was 44 years old he died in alcohol-related car accident. In December 1956, on his memory the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City organized retrospective exhibition. Grander exhibition of his artworks was organized there in 1967. In 2000, film called Pollock was released which was directed by Ed Harris where the main subject was Jackson Pollock; this film won an Academy Award.


Pollock was born on 28th January, 1912 in Cody, Wyoming, U.S. Out of 5 sons he was the youngest. His parents name is LeRoy Pollock and Stella May. During staying in Echo Park, California Pollock joined Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles. However he was expelled. His elder brother Charles Pollock and he went to New York City and learned under painter Thomas Hart Benton at the prestigious Art Students League. From 1938-42, during the period of the Great Depression, he served for the Federal Art Project under Works Progress Administration. From 1938 to 1941 he struggled with alcoholism. Currently historians supposed that he was suffering from bipolar disorder.


In July 1943, he signed a contract with art collector Peggy Guggenheim. Pollock made the painting on canvas instead on the wall, to make it portable. Pollock Married Lee Krasner, an American painter in October 1945. In November they shifted to East Hampton. They bought a house of wooden frame and barn. The barn was converted into a studio by Pollock. In that period he improved his drip technique. In 1936 Pollock had seen the usefulness of liquid paint at a workshop by the muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros in New York City. He started painting his canvases laid on the floor of studio and he introduced what was later known his “drip” technique. He began using paints based on synthetic resin known as alkyd enamels. He described using household paints rather than artist’s paints. He had used hard brushes, sticks, basting syringes as painting tools. Pollock’s skill of dripping and pouring paint is supposed to be the origins of the words action painting. His technique allows him to apply paint and view from all directions to his canvases. Pollock was influenced by the work of artist Janet Sobel. Instead of using brush and easel he used his body to paint. In 1956 because of his painting technique, Time magazine called Pollock as “Jack the Dripper”.


Jackson Pollock technique is the combination of his body movement, the thick flow of Paint, the gravitational force, and the paint absorb into the canvas. His technique is pouring, dripping, flinging and spattering like a dance performance and didn’t stop paining until he make what he wanted to view. Pollock most popular paintings were painted during 1947 to 1950. There was huge demand from collector for his work. More timeline facts, self portrait, drawings and motivational quotes are available in web. More detail about his biography is found in wiki.