Who Is Ivica Marc? Meet The Cast Of FBI: International On Instagram

The actor Ivic Marc is back with a bang. This time as a cast of FBI: International. Let’s explore more about his net worth, family, and many more.

Ivica Marc Also Known As Ivica Kovacevic. He is a fantastic Croatian-American actor. 

He is known for Jessica Jones (2019), Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009), Deleted Scences (2010), The Blacklis (2017) 

He is currently associated with LAPA. It is a London-based innovative agency that that represents actors, writers, and directors.

Let’s dive deeper into the life of the Croatian/American actor.

Ivica Marc Wikipedia Explored

Despite being featured in more than 15 shows, Ivica Marc is yet to have an official Wikipedia profile.

Ivica Kovacevic is also known as Ivica Marc. He was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He holds Croatian and American nationality.

Marc is a trained dancer and a singer who happens to be highly skilled in Boxing, CrossFit, Cycling Jiu Jutsu, Muay Thai, and whatnot!

He was a finalist of Celebrity Big Brother Croatia 1. The show aired from 7th  to 21st March 2008.  

The actor has played very versatile roles that challenge the pre-determined stature of society. His role as Wolf for Deleted Scenes(2010) was praise-worthy.

Not only that, but he has also appeared in Marvel shows. According to his profile in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has appeared in the TV series Jessica Jones as Gor.

Ivica Marc Age: How Young Is He?

As per Celebrity Big Brother’s data, Ivica Marc’s age is 45. He was born on 6th April 1976.

However, no official information is available about whether his age is correct in the above-mentioned data.

Despite being 45, he looks nothing like his biological age. His acting is still as great and powerful.

Though he has an open Instagram profile, he seldom talks of himself. He frequently posts of his dog. 

According to the IMDb records, he has been working as an actor since he was around 30 years of age. 

Does Ivica Marc Have A Wife? Meet Her On Instagram

Out of the total of 1,256 posts on his Instagram, not a single post talks about Ivica Marc’s wife. 

Marc has no records of having a wife or a partner as of now. 

Since he is a dedicated actor who’s focused on achieving the best results, he seems to have opted out of the relationship.

Furthermore, there is no explicit information regarding any fluctuation on his personal wave, we can only assume he is single for now.

Marc is committed to taking care of his dog for the time being, or so it seems from his Instagram posts.

How Much Is Ivica Marc Net Worth? 

Ivica Marc has not shed light on his net worth.

The American/Croatian artist seems to be a very secretive person. He seems to only share what he wants.

Marc’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million. Since he is signed with one of the best agencies, it is sure that he lives well.

As he’s good at what he does, he must earn a decent sum to lead a happy and do whatever he wants.

In addition to that, his house looks spectacular. It wouldn’t be possible to have such a well-managed house if you are short of money.