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The daughter of veteran actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Isabella Cruise is a well-known name in the showbiz. She has acquired the fame in her early age with being linked to successful parents of the movie world. Though she is not the biological child of the star couple who have divorced in 2001, she was raised and brought up by them. She had a tough childhood after her parents divorced and her brother Connor had to spend times with their struggling parents who fought for custody. Bella and Connor spent most of their time with their father as their mother left to settle herself in her hometown Australia.


Isabella Jane Cruise felt her first verse of life in December 22, 1992 and the fantasy couple of Hollywood, Tom and Nicole adopted her along with Connor after their marriage in December 24, 1990. She had a drastic childhood commonly surrounded by press and paparazzi all the time. It was a hard life not to be able to roam around as the normal children and constantly binge mocked up by the media and press coverage. She was home-schooled with emphasized religious beliefs and indoctrinated in Scientologist’s Church. Her highly suppressed childhood was spent in socialization with other highly famed scientologists. She though had a decent childhood but much of her information were kept a secret and under the appearance of media.


After the divorce of her parents, she had a hard time to cope the matter; however, she eventually got that on her mind set up. She stayed with her Dad and step mom Katie Holmes in her dad’s 10,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion. She has an adopted brother from her former parents and two half sisters from her step mom. Her attachment with her step mom is much deeper than her emotion towards her real adopted mom, Nicole.  As it was Katie, who showered her affection and care towards her when her real mother left her and went to stay in Australia. She is emotionally bonded with Katie and states her as Mom. She is even believed to be working as an apprentice for Katie’s Holmes & Yang a fashion label created by her step mom. Even after her dad parting ways from Katie and getting a divorce, she has her credibility towards her step mom and will tay the same.


She has a unique way of styling herself, whether it is the weird hair does or the signature statement she offers to the media flaunting in weird dresses. She even likes to exhibit her styling to the media and press wearing a bikini or some unusual dressing sense but due to her weight issue, it seems she has to work on her body to suit the fashion conscience. No matter what she has encountered in her turmoil life, she has her confidence to carry out her signature persona and outgoing character to create a different breed of livelihood. The super stardom infested in her from her early childhood has not given her any pressure to outsource the media attention and she feels confident with the glitz and glare now.


She has interest in the field of art and is supposed to be doing her artistic approach to bring out a career initiative out of it. Her brother Connor is training himself with course of disc jockey under DJ C-Squared and has performed in several venues like American Music Awards, Aids Project Los Angeles to name the few. He charges around $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per gig.


Being adopted by a star studded family and living under conservative family background, Bella has gained a favorable amount of weight and seems to be chubby and fat. This does not stop the dame from her public appearances and she is doing her best to stay fit and confirmative. She has a well-toned body with specific height and a fair complexion. After her age of 19, she left her father’s mansion in Beverly Hills and resided in a comparatively smaller apartment in Los Angeles’s Skid Row neighbor of downtown accompanied by her boyfriend, Eddie Frencher.


Isabella Cruise boyfriend is a music composer associated with a band called Ae and had membership of the church where she attended. Being a Scientologist both she and her boyfriend had a simple and spiritual way of life. However, the couple split their ways after one of them had to move to England and the distance eventually made their ways separate. Her struggling life has several phases passed and many to move on, as she is willing to work on her body measurements and career functioning. She has colored her hair pink with a pixie cut and uploaded her picture in Twitter and her information can be found in her father’s wiki profile.